A Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

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October 26, 2023

YouTube affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. You can create YouTube videos with affiliate links in them and share these affiliate links on social media, your blog, or your website. When someone clicks on the affiliate link you shared, you will get paid commission for that purchase! The best part about affiliate marketing on YouTube is that it doesn’t take any special skills – just creativity and some basic video editing skills.

Guide To Affiliate Marketing on Youtube

guide to affiliate marketing

How Does Affiliate Marketing on YouTube Work?

With this guide to affiliate marketing, it’s pretty easy. You make videos and then promote them with affiliate links in the description or through a variety of different methods, which I’ll go over in more depth later. If you’re already a YouTube content maker, this guide to affiliate marketing will teach you how to include affiliate marketing into your strategy and can pay off immediately. If you’re new to all of this, affiliate marketing is likely to be the quickest path to success as an internet marketer and a newbie affiliate marketer.

You don’t have to worry about anything by following this guide to affiliate marketing but marketing and video production. Creating goods, support staff, funnels, and other things isn’t something you want to be thinking about when you’re just getting started on YouTube.

Pros & Cons of Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

While the benefits of YouTube affiliate marketing much outnumber the disadvantages, there are some of them.

Pros: The world’s second-largest search engine – YouTube has a massive audience, which means you may promote your affiliate products to many individuals.

  • There is less competition than there is on blogs – If you haven’t noticed, every business known to man now has a blog because it is such an essential aspect of SEO (search engine optimization). Still, only a small percentage of firms create YouTube videos.
  • It is permissible to promote affiliate offers – Many sites, such as Facebook, do not allow affiliate deals to be promoted, but this is not an issue on YouTube. Furthermore, it is straightforward to do so in a non-spammy manner.
  • Facebook’s Algorithm Is More Stable – If you’ve been marketing on Facebook, you’re aware that their algorithms are constantly changing, making it challenging to keep up. YouTube, on the other hand, has remained relatively steady.
  • It’s Relatively Simple to Get Ranked – This is the aspect of YouTube that I enjoy the best. You don’t need to jump through any fancy hoops or spend months and months cranking out content to get results. Yes, you must put in the effort and do it wisely, but it is far easier to rank on this platform than on others.
  • Content that is always relevant – This means that you can make videos today to bring in affiliate commissions for years and years

Cons: It’s Important to Look Good on Screen – You’ll need to be comfortable speaking on camera and able to engage your audience for the most part. Indeed, you can make videos without saying on camera, but you’ll need extraordinary editing abilities to make them attractive.

  • You’ll Need to Be able to Teach Skills – You can’t expect to make a living by putting together a few videos. You’ll need to be knowledgeable in a subject that you can teach. If you’re trying to deceive others, they’ll see right through you.
  • It’s Difficult Than Blogging – While there is less competition on YouTube than on blogs, making good videos is more complicated. This is because it is a visual medium, and people must relate to you rather than your material. If you make a mistake, you must start over.

Types of Videos for Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

This guide to affiliate marketing is complete from start to finish. To understand how to use YouTube for an affiliate marketing program, you must first understand the types of videos that will yield the best results for an affiliate program. Here are some of the favorite sorts of affiliate marketing videos to make for your channel.

Product Reviews & Demos

One of the most common ways to accomplish affiliate marketing with YouTube is through product reviews. They’re the quickest way to make money. Surprisingly, It was discovered that ranking for these keywords is more accessible than ranking for non-review keywords. To evaluate if your product is a good option, do some keyword research using software like Ubersuggest, and then create a video in which you speak to folks contemplating purchasing the product about everything they would want to know before making a purchase. Try to be truthful in your reviews. If you’re not speaking the truth, people will notice, and you won’t be able to make affiliate sales.


Perhaps one of the favorite methods to do YouTube affiliate marketing is through tutorials – similar to this guide to affiliate marketing. The idea is simple. When you teach someone how to do something or utilize a tool, they are more likely to click on your link. A year ago, I created a Clickfunnels tutorial, which you can see below. Affiliate commissions from this video alone have totaled nearly $10,000. Of course, you could make tutorials on anything; just point them to a product that will make the process easier anywhere in the tutorial.

Tutorials are also a major winner because they quickly grow your subscriber base. In addition, tutorials are more accessible to rank for than more difficult keywords. You may attract many subscribers who will watch your reviews and provide you with direct affiliate commissions down the road.


Unboxing videos are a great way to use YouTube for affiliate marketing. You can either open a recently released product or unbox one of those monthly subscription boxes.

Unboxings are effective because people are naturally intrigued and want to see what’s in store. As a result, they’ll view a lot of your video, which is great for YouTube because it means more people will see it.

Solution Videos

Similar to this guide to affiliate marketing, we anticipate questions and answer it proactively throughout the guide. You respond to an issue with a solution that is your affiliate product in these videos. This is similar to many tutorial videos. However, instead of being a tutorial, you can discuss an issue your audience is experiencing and offer a solution. For example, the video “Best Email Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketers” answers the question of which affiliate marketers should use an autoresponder.

How to Get Your YouTube Videos Seen

Being seen by your audience is explained in this guide to affiliate marketing. Once you’ve learned how to utilize YouTube for affiliate marketing, you’ll want to make sure your videos are seen by the people who will enjoy them. Unfortunately, many individuals overlook that you only want your movies to be seen by genuinely interested people. So you don’t want to go out and buy a lot of views or send a lot of random traffic to your video. It will be harmed.

Rank on YouTube

The great thing about YouTube is that ranking videos for a variety of keywords isn’t difficult. They have a simple algorithm that, if you follow it, will help you rank swiftly your own youtube videos.

  • Keywords – Use keywords in your descriptions, tags, and title and what you say in the video.
  • Thumbnails – To attract viewers to click on your videos instead of others’, get creative with these and use some video editing software.
  • The Watch Time – YouTube keeps track of how much of a video is being watched. So make your names, thumbnails, and videos consistent, keep your intros short, and keep in mind that the typical YouTube video is 14 minutes long.
  • Subscribers – YouTube likes to see that your subscriber count grows, so continually encourage people to do so.
  • User Participation – Aim for thumbs up, comments, embeds, favorites, and saves, among other things.

Rank on Google

Because Google owns YouTube, getting your YouTube videos to rank on Google is extremely simple, giving you double the returns for your effort. If you utilize Ahrefs, you can pull up all of the Google searches in your niche, including YouTube videos, and then focus on those.

This isn’t always achievable because YouTube’s keywords differ from Google’s, but once it does, your traffic will skyrocket.

Build Up Subscribers

It would help if you continually strived to raise your subscriber count since the more subscribers you have, the more views your videos in your youtube channel will receive. You can also generate money with these subscribers during an affiliate launch. Velocity is another component of the YouTube algorithm. The more people who see your movie in the first 48 hours, the better. These views will be fueled mainly through your subscription.

Here’s how to increase your subscriber count.

  • Remind viewers to subscribe to the channel and to press the bell.
  • When sharing your channel, use a unique link.

YouTube Related Videos

YouTube suggests “related videos” that are similar to the videos the user is watching, and we, of course, want our videos to appear in those suggestions. Unfortunately, the majority of people are unaware of this. So here are a few strategies for making the algorithm work for you. First, make your thumbnails extremely clickable and appealing to the eye. The suggested algorithm favors a thumbnail with a lot of clicks like an affiliate link with your youtube affiliate marketing videos.

Final Tips for Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

There’s more to learn from or guide to affiliate marketing. Now that you’ve learned about the benefits and drawbacks of YouTube affiliate marketing and video content, the various ways to make money on YouTube, the best types of videos to make when doing YouTube affiliate marketing, and how to get your videos seen. Here’s more things to do:

Upload Videos Consistently

To achieve any traction on YouTube through ad share, you’ll need to submit at least one video per week with a great video description and titles. This offers your subscribers something to anticipate when they know when to expect your videos, and it gives you additional chances to persuade people to click on your affiliate links.

Quality Above Everything

Nothing is more crucial than quality when it comes to affiliate marketing on YouTube. Nobody will watch a wrong video, and they aren’t going to click on your affiliate links if you don’t give them a reason to. Keep in mind that as an affiliate marketer, you are essentially a salesperson. Therefore, the importance of presentation cannot be overstated. They will not click your link if they do not trust and like you. Quality also includes making sure your movies are engaging, entertaining, or enjoyable to watch. It doesn’t have to be all of them, but at least one must be present.

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