10 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums (Plus Pros & Cons of Each)

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October 25, 2023

Affiliate marketing forums – partnering with a company to promote their products to earn commissions for sales made. It can be done through social media, blogs, forums, paid advertising, email blasts, or directly at the companies sales site.

Affiliate Marketing forums are not limited to one location online. There are plenty of them that have been set up for you to use as reference points around the Internet. Each forum has its opportunities and differentiating benefits, so depending on your needs will determine which kind works best for you. Here are ten affiliate marketing forums, plus the pros & cons of each. If interested in learning more about what each forum offers so you can have a place to kickstart your affiliate marketing forums endeavor!

Best Affiliate Marketing Forums 

Affiliate Marketing Forums

1. Affilorama 

Affilorama is a great affiliate marketing platform for beginners that provides knowledge and skills to launch your online business.

Affiliates should be motivated by two chief factors: first, they should know about their customer base and what these prospects are looking for from the product being endorsed. It is important to have a profitable affiliate link since any time spent on linking deals that do not produce profit will only distract from deals that affiliate marketing work well. Coupled with this knowledge of customer needs, affiliates must also have a thorough understanding of the linked content to avoid promoting toxic products or concepts that might bring a lack of trust in future promotions.


  • Lots of high-quality content related to affiliate marketing 
  • Easy to navigate website 
  • Tutorials are very thorough


  • While the training section is free of access, some of them are outdated 


WickedFire is an affiliate marketing specializing in buying and selling online traffic to provide lead generation services. WickedFire operates with a suite that contains everything marketers need to harvest internet traffic, including features like email captures, bug tracking software, CPA campaigns, call tracking services, data mining tools, domain licensing programs, and more. The company also offers top-paying monetization opportunities for clients ready to take their affiliate marketing business to the next level.


  • High commission rates 
  • Steady affiliate payments 
  • Customizable banners and text links


  • The affiliate marketer has no control over the pricing and commission structure 

3. The V7 Network 

The V7 Network with affiliate marketing is designed to be a long-term venture, and those who invest in it as such never regret their decision. It’s an up-and-coming company that offers rewards for your downline with bonuses that will continue to grow as the company does. The industry is booming with so many opportunities for those with the drive and ambition to take advantage of people looking for help making money on the Internet and networking marketing. 

If you want a chance at great affiliate income with less work than usual or want extra security for yourself and your family, then please do not forget about the kingpin of business ventures – which is right here!


  • affiliate marketing network 
  • 50% commission on sales 
  • high-quality conversion tracking


  • You have to work your way up through an expensive matrix system to make any commissions off of your referrals.

4. Warrior Forum 

Warrior Forum is an affiliate marketing forum that offers a number of tools and instructions for making money from the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up with a business to sell their products in exchange for a commission. Rather than trying to find customers all on your own, you rely on companies that already have a customer base and Network. Affiliates can advertise products on social affiliate networks, forums, blogs—even personal affiliate websites—to drive traffic to their online storefronts, directing them towards newly-released physical or digital products.


  • The forum contains many tutorials on affiliate marketing techniques 
  • You can find information about any topic related to affiliate marketing here 
  • The community is very active and helpful with answering questions from new members


  • Warrior Forum may not suit the interest of experienced affiliates 


SitePoint is a great resource for web development information. They cover a broad range of topics, from beginner articles to more advanced topics, and they provide services and product reviews. Affiliate marketing is an often overlooked online marketing method that can offer advertisers easy DIY tools, simple tracking, and higher conversion rates. Applying it across the ecosystem could be the following tool in turning Marketo’s fortunes from dismal to drastic improvement.

Affiliate programs are undervalued because people think they can’t measure them properly or don’t know where to start these days with so much data thrown at you about traffic sources, sales conversions costing per lead instead of revenue, etc… But many affiliate sites get better conversions than some other types of ads!


  • The website is very easy to navigate
  • Connect with numerous marketers and entrepreneurs
  • SitePoint offers hundreds of e-books and online courses  


  • Get access to this online marketing forum for free, but expect to spend cash to get acquainted with its additional features. 


AffiliateFix is a marketplace that provides helpful resources on affiliate marketing for entrepreneurs. As it turns out, the Internet has opened up an entirely new opportunity for content creators – marketers can create Web pages, send traffic to them, and get paid when their visitors buy anything on the site they created! So if you are interested in starting your affiliate website but have no idea where to start, worry not! This guide will cover everything you need to know about moderating internet-based marketing campaigns.


  • AffiliateFix can be the best forum, especially for affiliate marketers serious about reaching a high level of achievement in the industry. 
  • Provides ample tools and resources to learn, grow, and succeed 


  • It is free to join but encourages subscription fees to unlock more features 


DNForum is an invitation-only community for internet marketing professionals, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Their goal is to provide a valuable networking environment completely focused on online advertising, monetization, and more. They manage thousands of people in the forum every day while providing perks such as physical access to influencers and VIP-style parties at significant conferences. In addition, they offer some of the most valuable resources available on the web—free courses and interviews with some of digital marketing’s best marketers and spokespeople. 

We work closely with affiliate integrations to ensure consumers get the quality content they need from trusted brands before making a purchase decision on either platform.


  • Provides proven tips and tricks to have a smooth affiliate marketing journey 
  • Mostly ideal for beginners 
  • Covers a thorough array of information


  • Experienced marketers may probably benefit from this one 

8.5Star Affiliate Marketing Forum 

The 5Star Affiliate Marketing Forum is a community of people who support the subject and talk about it. It’s not an authority figure telling others what to do; it’s just people talking – and that’s already amazing! It doesn’t like other kinds of forums because members post questions and get replies from other members in a way that feels more personal and genuine than other forum boards.

If your goal is to make money, think about whether this particular system will help you reach it – because there are lots of most affiliate programs online promising to get you rich fast. Still, they don’t provide any training or help with practical implementation.


  • Perfectly designed with beginners in mind 
  • A friendly, strong community for all types of marketers 
  • Features broad topic discussions 


  • This 5Star Affiliate Marketing Forum may not be the ideal choice for marketers who are already experts in the niche 

9. Black Hat World 

Black Hat World is the premier, most powerful, and profitable dating affiliate program globally. It can also be a very lucrative business endeavor for you!

To succeed properly, you need to grasp online affiliate marketing from content creation, Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, affiliate marketing strategy, traffic generation strategies, including PPC Pay per click advertising and social media. If you are not an expert at these practices, then it may be wise for you to hire someone willing to work on any new projects with your affiliate marketing success as their top priority. You must stay exceptional or risk losing out on potential winnings going forward.


  • Supplies different articles on sundry topics 
  • The tools available are highly versatile, along with web hosting strategies 
  • New members are not required to signup or spend money to register 


  • Many methods taught here can be risky


StackThatMoney is an affiliate marketing program that helps individual bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners monetize their content or products seamlessly through using the intellectual property which they have created themselves. We are passionate about helping people share what they have learned with the affiliate marketing world in helpful ways to generate income for themselves and their families. In addition, StackThatMoney offers personal coaching for customers so you can learn how to be successful with your online business venture.


  • With STM, you can obtain many unique features such as local networking events and host conferences for CPA affiliates 
  • Features cutting-edge affiliate marketing guides that both seasoned and beginners can benefit from


  • You need to pay monthly for the membership fee 
  • Some suggestions and guidelines offered may be unscrupulous  

Why Should You Join Affiliate Marketing Forums? 

There are a number of benefits you will discover when you join affiliate marketing forums. One reason is to get the latest tips and tricks from industry experts. For many people who want to become successful affiliate marketing in this industry, they will need to spend time learning about all the different affiliate marketing strategies out there that can be applied to your campaign.

One of the great things about affiliate marketing forums is that these communities provide a mutual benefit for both members and senior members alike. The senior members can offer their wisdom and veteran’s experience for others while at the same time getting feedback on what could be improved or how they should apply what they know in actual campaigns.


Affiliate marketing forums are an excellent way to stay on top of the latest trends, strategies, and business opportunities in this ever-evolving affiliate marketing industry. If you’re interested in finding out more about how affiliate marketing can help your business grow, consider joining one or all of these ten best affiliate marketing forums. They each have something different to offer, so be sure to look at the pros and cons for each before deciding which is suitable for you. You won’t regret it!

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums (Plus Pros & Cons of Each)







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