10 Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

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October 25, 2023

The Affiliate Marketing Podcasts in 2021 provides a weekly discussion of affiliate marketing topics. These discussions include core principles about the affiliate marketing business, tips, and techniques for getting more leads, traffic, and sales of affiliate products, strategies to get noticed by more affiliates, strategies for working together with other affiliates on joint ventures to maximize earnings for all parties involved in the promotion of a product or service. 

The “Build Your Own Online Business” podcast aims at both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs who want to learn how to earn an honest living while building their own online business on the side or on top of their current day job. Below are 10 of the best affiliate marketing podcasts in 2021. Affiliates need to educate themselves, whether online or offline, continuously.

affiliate marketing podcasts

Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

1. PNR: This Old Marketing

PNR: This Old Marketing is just one of the many systems marketers use to promote their products. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to know your audience inside and out. Know the product’s value and benefits and how it solves a customer pain point or satisfies a specific need. Be able to show how it provides the reader with an improved quality of life, like increased productivity or leisure time. You also want to focus on features and not specs; deep dive into what makes this product different from less innovative products already on the market (and if it has anything unique about its features).

2. Affiliate Buzz

Affiliate Buzz is the social media marketing space for affiliate marketing enthusiasts. It’s a place to chat, share, and learn all things around the world of affiliate marketing.

We also offer developmental tools like The Business Model Flowchart Tool Kit for affiliates to design their business models to connect affiliate network, agencies, merchants, and other affiliates. The site was designed by affiliate marketers themselves because it understands what they need when they need it! At any time of day or night, there are members online discussing industry trends, opportunities for businesses of all sizes, as well as helpful advice about everything from website designing tips to drop shipping 101!

3. Marketing Secrets

Marketing Secrets is a blog that provides affiliate marketing tips, tricks, and affiliate marketing strategy for success.  Marketing secrets refer to knowing all the angles and channels for generating affiliate sales. You have a few options. First, you can consider starting your affiliate marketing blog to try to sell other people’s products using a referral affiliate link. This is a legitimate loophole in Amazon’s customer rankings system, so it’s not frowned upon the way some other less ethical tactics are.

4. The Art of Paid Traffic

The art of paid traffic is a misnomer, as the only art and power behind achieving and sustaining high domain rankings and search engine popularity for your product or service constantly comes from consistency. All affiliates need to think about is making the right decision – whether that be marketing according to keywords – or buying ads to match your target market’s demographic, both by industry and trade. It might sound like common knowledge, but it will never be repeated enough.

Paid traffic refers to the buying of people’s attention using an advertisement. This typically refers to someone who pays for visitors or viewers that come to their website or page on social media. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a company’s product to earn commissions. I have found affiliate marketing very effective at generating steady income while not too time-consuming. Still, I always remember it depends on the strength of the offer you are promoting.

5. Rise of the Entrepreneur

The Rise of the Entrepreneur is a weekly affiliate marketing podcast that caters to entrepreneurs. Rise of The Entrepreneur provides a venue where entrepreneurs can come together in a supportive and engaging atmosphere, with a relaxed flow and quality presentation. They cover topics ranging from business operations to marketing, lead nurturing, and social media. Connect with other high achievers who are doing amazing things in entrepreneurship by tuning in every week!

6. Mixergy

Mixergy is a podcast with in-depth interviews of successful affiliate marketing entrepreneurs. Serial entrepreneur Andrew Warner founded Mixergy. They share interviews with many of the most successful business builders today through their podcast. Their goal is to educate and entertain people who would like to start a company one day to learn from the successes and failures of all these great founders. 

Passionate users have created high-quality content aimed at helping others succeed in entrepreneurship – which they provide on their own time without compensation – by asking questions, providing insight, giving feedback on features. They do it because it stimulates them to search online affiliate marketing for tutorials or guides only to find that there aren’t any good ones available.

7. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is a great resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to make money through affiliate marketing. This podcast will provide helpful advice on topics, blogging, online business models, and promoting products.

Smart Passive Income is a way to generate an income through the internet or offline activities systematically. Many such activities as blogging and affiliate marketing (such as advertising) can be accomplished in theoretically unlimited quantities, theoretically generating increased levels of smart passive income. One way to look at passive income is that it simply represents freedom from constant affiliate marketing works because the time investment needed for accomplishing this type of affiliate marketing work often results in increased financial gain and a sense of accomplishment in the end.

8. Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy if you use affiliate marketing. It offers significant advantages to the reward-cut arrangements of traditional advertising since an online marketer does not have to pay upfront for ads before they are published. Affiliate marketers are paid by commission instead of paid based on the impression or click that an ad creates, so it offers unlimited growth potential, just as limitless as cyberspace.

The idea behind this type of advertising is that the company that owns the product pays you for promoting their product to others. You can sign up with different companies or networks, each available offer. These are typically items that are already popular, so your chances of earning money are increased because many people have already heard about them and might even buy them once they see said offer on your blog. On the other hand, suppose you want the website to come crawling out of nowhere. In that case, the search engine optimization (SEO) market is best suited for that purpose.

9. The Side Hustle Show

The Side Hustle Show is an information and entertainment podcast to teach people how to make money on their terms—with practical advice on topics such as personal finance, marketing online, increasing your income, and retirement fund management.

Side hustles are great for adding to your affiliate income in a way that can be flexible with other obligations like full-time jobs and kids. They also provide additional skills to add to your resume when looking for a promotion or switching careers. A side hustle gives you more control over what you do and how much time it takes away from the rest of life’s demands. 

10. The Solopreneur Hour

The Solopreneur Hour is an opportunity to learn about affiliate marketing in a relaxed environment where you can ask questions and share your experience.

Affiliate marketing allows individuals or businesses to make money by promoting other people’s products. An affiliate site walks visitors through the WordPress setup process, which takes less than 60 seconds (or installs an app like Jetpack). Then it gives publishers all the tools they need to earn revenue, like reporting, analytics, coupons, upsells, and thank-you pages. In addition, the affiliate marketer will have access to a library of landing page templates, so they don’t have to spend more time on design.

Looking For Affiliate Programs To Promote?

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The ten best affiliate marketing podcasts of 2021 are listed here. We hope this list will help you decide which podcast to listen to and get motivated for your next online hustle venture! If you’re looking for more guidance on how to promote an affiliate program, we can help with that too. Our team at Opportunity Sage is ready and waiting to assist in any way possible – just let us know what kind of assistance you need, and we’ll make it happen!

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