Best Drone Affiliate Programs

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October 26, 2023

Many drone enthusiasts or the drone industry are looking for drone affiliate programs to join, but the decision can be difficult. With so many drone affiliate programs available, it is hard to find the best drone affiliate program that will suit your needs and goals. However, with these 15 drone affiliate programs at your fingertips, you have a better chance of finding one and having drone training courses!

Drone Affiliate Programs

drone affiliate programs

AerialTech Affiliate Program

AerialTech is a drone niche and drone parts company established in Canada. They’ve been shipping to Canada and the United States since 2014 and are based in Alberta, California. AerialTech not only has a large selection of items, but it also gives free flight training or demos on most models. They also provide repairs, accessories and have a wholesale program.

Refersion is where AerialTech’s affiliate program is hosted. Affiliates receive a flat 4% commission on sales and a 30-day cookie.

ABJ Drone Academy Affiliate Program

Drone simulations, prep classes, and more are available through the ABJ Drone Academy. They also provide courses for pilots interested in surveying, cell tower inspection, and photography, to mention a few specialties. Drones are costly, and ABJ Drone Academy’s classes may assist new drone owners in developing a feel for flying without causing damage to their equipment.

Also, if your audience lives in the United States and wants to use their drone commercially, this academy can help them prepare for the FAA PArt 107 exam. This is the exam that must be passed to become a licensed drone operator.

ABJ Drone Academy pays out generous affiliate commissions based on how many purchases an affiliate generates. For example, affiliates who make 1-9 sales will earn a 40% commission, 10%-39 sales will earn a 50% commission, 40-99 sales will earn a 60% commission, and over 100 deals will earn a 70% commission. (These figures are based on sales over 30 days.)

Gearbest Affiliate Program

Gearbest is an online discount retailer. It’s not the place to go if you’re searching for a new drone if you’re an experienced drone user, but it can be useful for people on a budget or seeking drone toys. Gearbest has drones and drone toys ranging in price from $20 to $2,300.

Gearbest has varying commissions for different types of products. For example, affiliates can earn 6-six percent depending on the number of sales they bring in for drones.

OCLU Affiliate Program

OCLU is a 4K action camera with a low profile. It’s waterproof, has interchangeable batteries, can reduce wind, record movements, and is GPS compatible. With a drone, this camera would be fantastic. Most of all, the OCLU is only $199, ensuring that your target audience can receive a good camera for their drone without spending a thousand dollars or more. Share a Sale is where OCLU’s affiliate program is hosted. Affiliates get a 10% commission on all sales and are given a 30-day cookie.

GoPro Affiliate Program

When it comes to action cameras, GoPro is the most well-known brand. The GoPro cameras are high-quality and make great drone cameras and a must-have affiliate program. The GoPro cameras are priced between $280 and $400. GoPro also sells mounts, lighting equipment, and accessories. In addition, PepperJam hosts the GoPro affiliate program, which pays a 5% commission on sales to affiliates. Even though 5% is a small percentage, GoPro is a well-known brand that these cameras aren’t difficult to sell.

Cafago Affiliate Program

Another sizeable online budget electronics retailer is Cafago. Cell phones, LED lights, and drones are among their offerings. They have dozens of drones listed on their websites under the “quadcopter” section. The drones range in price from about $100 to more than $2,200. This is the drone affiliate program for you if you want a wide range of options.

Cafago uses the Share a Sale platform for its affiliate program. Cafago pays a 6% fee and has a 45-day cookie period for affiliates. The average sale value is $195.18, the average commission is $9.68, according to data from the last 30 days. The program’s most serious flaw is its abysmal conversion rate of less than 1.5 percent.

VeryDrone Affiliate Program

VeryDrone is a high-end drone retailer that sells DJI and Autel drones. Not only does VeryDrone sell drones and accessories, but it also offers to finance. This is ideal if you have a target audience looking for high-end drones and financing possibilities. VeryDrone has business solutions for crop spraying, agricultural inspection, search and rescue, and general inspection, in addition to selling to individuals. Although the fee at VeryDrone is only 5%, some of the products are worth thousands of dollars, so as an affiliate, you may still make a good profit. Affiliate Program

This program differs from the others in a few ways. First, they don’t offer drones, accessories, or training at They instead sell drone videos.

If you know someone who needs drone services (videos or photos) but doesn’t want to own a drone, this is a beautiful program for them. Likewise, if you know any realtors that need real estate drone videos, this could be an excellent program for them. serves all 50 states. This company pays affiliates a 10% commission on drone services and stock video footage sales. They also have a referral scheme where you may refer other affiliates.

DroneNerds Affiliate Program

The largest drone retailer in the United States is DroneNerds. They have drones for enthusiasts up to super-advanced drones that can assist firefighters or farmers, and they have alternatives for both individuals and businesses. DroneNerds specializes in DJI drones, though they carry a variety of manufacturers. In addition, they offer a wide range of new and refurbished DJI models.

While their website and product selection are excellent, there is one drawback: DroneNerds pays a pitifully low fee of only 1% of sales. This is why we recommend only promoting DroneNerds items if you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

B&H Photo Affiliate Program

B&H Photo is an audio and video shop situated in New York. They offer a wide range of photography and videography equipment, including drones. Customers can browse for drones on the B&H website by categories like racing, novice, cinematography, commercial, and more.

DJI, Parrot, Blade, and Autel are among the top brands available. The disadvantage of B&H Photo is that their affiliate program pays only a 2% essential revenue. While this is an improvement over Drone Nerds, it is still not satisfactory. However, with over 200k products on the B&H website, this is still a fantastic program to be a part of.

SwellPro Affiliate Program

SwellPro is a program you should be a part of if your audience requires a drone that can safely come into contact with water. SwellPro invented the first waterproof drone, and their models shoot high-definition video. These drones are ideal for anyone who wants to shoot images while boating, swimming, or fishing.

The SplashDrone 3+, their flagship product, starts at roughly $1k and goes up from there depending on the intended usage. SwellPro gives a 5% commission to their affiliates, which isn’t awful compared to similar sites. Fellows are also given a 60-day cookie.

Pilot Institute Affiliate Program

A Part 107 Commercial Drones License training is available through the Pilot Institute. Part 107 is a regulatory exam that drone operators must pass before they can operate their drones commercially.

Aside from the Part 107 training, Pilot Institute offers a variety of additional drone courses, including those that are entirely free and designed to help users get the most out of their DJI drones. Pilot Institute gives a 20% commission on all sales to its affiliates. In addition, their Part 107 course costs $149, which means you may earn about $30 for each transaction as an affiliate.

DroneU Affiliate Program

DroneU offers drone training both in-person and online. They also provide online Part 107 FAA training courses that include practice exams. They also provide a variety of methods, ranging from basic tuition to thorough aerial photography, real estate videography, and more.

iDevAffiliate hosts their affiliate program. They pay a 15% commission on each sale.


Adorama is a retailer that sells audio, video, and gadgets. They’ve been around for nearly 40 years and sell over 250k products, including DJI drones and accessories, as well as other companies.

Affiliates earn a 2% basic commission from Adorama. The good news is that, despite the minimal fee, the average sale value is more than $500.

Snaptain Affiliate Program

Snaptain is a drone brand that offers models for kids, beginners, and advanced users. Their prices range from $30 and $250. Some of their more modern drones are GPS-enabled and capable of 4K video capture.

Share a Sale is where they host their affiliate program. Affiliates are paid a base rate of 7%, with the possibility of earning up to 8% based on the affiliate’s sales volume.

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Best Drone Affiliate Programs





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