Best Life Coach Affiliate Programs With High Commissions

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October 25, 2023

Many Life Coaches are wondering how they can make more money online. A Life Coach Affiliate Program is one way to increase your income by working with companies that have a product or service you believe in. The best Life Coach Affiliate Program usually offer higher commissions and will allow you to promote products or services that you believe in. In this blog post, we will discuss the top Life Coach affiliate program with high commission rates!

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Top Life Coach Affiliate Programs 

These days, life counseling is getting increasingly popular (you probably know that). It’s natural for people to seek ways to manage when their lives become more complex and stressful. However, consumers frequently discover that the market is flooded with people and firms offering life coaching, wellness training, and similar services. Unfortunately, most of these men are only interested in making a quick buck and have no idea how to assist. This collection of life coach affiliate program focuses on high-quality programs that will benefit your audience while paying you well. certified coach program and coaching services


Udemy sells over 130 000 online courses, including courses for life coach certification. You can become a teacher and develop your system; all you need is to teach life training programs. There are both free and paid courses available, and some of them can be used to earn college credits.

  • Affordable costs, sales, and discounts may motivate students to enroll in several courses, increasing sales.
  • There are some free courses available, as well as a money-back guarantee.
  • There is no restriction on access.
  • Commissions are reasonable.
  • Sales are frequent.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a well-known figure in life coaching, making him an ideal choice for a life coach affiliation program. His website offers a variety of teaching methods, such as films and audio tracks and nutritional supplements, and workout DVDs. The commission rate is reasonable, and the cookie length is adequate.

  • You’re dealing with a well-known life coach with a track record of achievement.
  • Forty-five days is a good cookie duration!
  • A reasonable commission rate is available.
  • A well-known website with a high volume of visitors and a choice of packages and possibilities.

Mary Morrissey, another well-known life coach, is an attractive choice. She’s already acquired an enormous following as a kinder and more sensible life coach than other hardline life coaches.

She offers a spiritual life coaching course in addition to a standard life coaching course, allowing you to customize your package and acquire the system that best suits you and your specific needs. In addition, her website offers several services, including a blog and the opportunity to train as a life coach.

  • Mary Morrissey and her website are an excellent possibility for an affiliate program because she is a well-known life coach. Consumers have already chosen this option.
  • Her website is more geared toward motivation and inspiration, which is more effective and popular, resulting in a greater conversion rate.
  • A free eBook is also available.
  • The commission rates are excellent.

Brian Tracy

Another well-known author and public speaker is Brian Tracy. He doesn’t offer the same one-on-one coaching or certification courses as some other life coaches, but he does have a variety of video courses. These classes cover topics such as authoring books, enhancing personal productivity, setting objectives, and achieving personal success. It’s easy to see how these topics could be classified as life coaching. Furthermore, his website has a positive reputation, a reasonable commission rate, and a long cookie term.

  • It is well-known and has a good reputation. This drastically reduces any risk.
  • He focuses on specific topics that will appeal to anyone looking for a life coach.
  • A free 14-step goal-setting guide is available on the website. This is the type of thing that an audience enjoys — a free sampling to determine if this form of life coaching is for them.
  • Commissions are reasonable.
  • 120 days is a long time for a cookie.

Life Breakthrough Coaching

This is a niche affiliate program for life coaches. This website for Christian life coaches and marriage counselors offers live online work with an instructor.

The courses are typically ten weeks long and involve homework assignments and mentoring. However, instead of a 10% commission, the website provides $100 to any customer who registers, pays, and completes the entire course. The cookie rate is a mystery. Depending on your target, this may be a highly effective product to promote, or it could be a non-starter.

  • A flat fee for each successful customer is a welcome difference from the % commissions we’ve previously discussed.
  • The courses are organized and manageable, with topics such as life counseling, marriage, and pregnancy.
  • This could work effectively as a specialty website if it appeals to your target demographic.

Natural Wellness Academy

This can be a product that blends well with your theme if your website or blog has a more natural feel. The site focuses on natural cures and overall health care for your body, spirit, and mind. Holistic Health and Life Coaching, Spiritual Wellness, and Mind-Gut Guru are just a few of the courses accessible.

Surprisingly, the word “health” has a different connotation than “life coaching.” Harsh and relentless motivating techniques don’t always work, and they don’t always make for a pleasant experience. Instead, consumers are drawn to self-improvement strategies that are basic and straightforward. Some courses, however, might be pretty costly.

  • A method to self-improvement that is kinder and more natural.
  • An extensive range of courses is accessible, with eight different selections available right away on the internet.
  • The commission rates vary, but for every paying customer, you could make up to $150. So this website could bring you a lot of money if your audience is interested in this topic.
  • The business is fairly well-known and has been covered in the media.
  • A 30-day cookie is a good length.

Life Energy Coaching

This website goes beyond everyday life coaching topics, including personal development, relationship concerns, and self-awareness with a life coach affiliate program.

It also covers vibrational energy, which many life coaching websites don’t cover. Vibrational energy refers to the considerable points we have in our lives and how to use them appropriately. The courses are pricey, which, as we’ve already stated, can be a plus or a minus depending on your target audience.

  • A consistent 20 percent commission rate.
  • This is a well-known site with numerous options, bundles, and certificates.
  • Dealing with “energies” is likely to pique the interest of a wide range of customers, mainly because the courses can be tailored to specific parts of a person’s life.
  • The modular programs are costly, with three levels and two modules each costing $3,000. You’ll make a lot of money with little effort if your audience is willing to pay for something like this.

Mentor Masterclass

This website distinguishes out as the only one dedicated solely to women’s life coaching. The commission rate is excellent, plus there are other ways to make money and this.

The website promotes confidence and achievement through a year-long training program and one-on-one mentorship. This is a one-of-a-kind website that is well worth a visit.

  • It’s a specialized product that, if put appropriately, may make you a lot of money.
  • Commission rates are incredibly high, and there is the potential to earn even more.
  • There are many venues to promote this website because it is geared toward ladies.
  • The courses are of good quality and are well-priced.
  • The company is well-known and has a strong reputation.

Life Coach Training Institute

This is believed to be the world’s best life coach certification program with a life coach affiliate program, so you’re betting on a safe bet with an excellent track record. It instructs its customers on managing a business, acquiring clients, and, of course, coaching them.

  • The cookie duration is good, but the commission rates are lower than some of the other options we looked at.
  • A good, all-around educational facility that ensures its students have all the necessary abilities.
  • You’ve chosen to be associated with a corporation rather than a particular person or personality.
  • Cookie lengths are excellent.

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Best Life Coach Affiliate Programs With High Commissions





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