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October 25, 2023

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(60% Lifetime Commission!)

Event and ticket affiliate programs can be a great way to make extra money. Most of these programs offer commissions for both ticket sales and event registrations of anywhere from 10% to 50% on ticket sales that you generate. Some programs even offer commissions as high as $1,000 per ticket sale!

To qualify for a commission, you will usually need to be registered with the program and have an active affiliate link. You will also need to refer potential customers to your affiliate link to the event or ticketing website.

The key to success with high ticket affiliate programs is to find reputable and well-known brands in the event industry. There are a number of great programs out there, but it’s important to do your research before signing up. The last thing you want is to be associated with a company that has a poor reputation or is known for selling counterfeit tickets.

We also offer all the tools you need to succeed at Event and Ticket Affiliate Programs with your website design that looks great on any browser or device. So join our affiliate programs now!

Top Event Ticket Affiliate Programs

1. Grand Canyon West 

Grand Canyon West is an excellent attraction that offers visitors a unique experience. If you’re looking to visit, be sure to check out the various ticket affiliate programs available. By working with a reputable program, you can ensure you receive the best possible price for your trip.

Be sure to do your research before selecting a program, as not all affiliate programs are created equal. Some programs offer great deals on tickets, while others include bonuses such as hotel or transportation discounts. By taking the time to compare your options, you can find the perfect program for your needs and save money while enjoying an unforgettable trip to Grand Canyon West.

If you’re planning on visiting, be sure to check out the ticket affiliate programs available through Opportunity Sage. These programs offer significant discounts on tickets, and you can also earn rewards or points that can be used towards future purchases.

2. PurchaseTix

PurchaseTix is a ticket affiliate program with double your money back. When you place an order through their link, PurchaseTix spends twice as much on the tickets so that you can pocket the difference. Apart from being easy to jump into for beginner affiliates just starting, they also have a monthly recurring commission structure with great benefits for affiliates who successfully drive ticket sales to events that need them. It’s just another way PurchaseTix believes in earning customers’ business with extraordinary service and superior pricing! 

PurchaseTix offers unique affiliate programs for event ticketing that allows website proprietors to make commissions when visitors purchase tickets from the PurchaseTix site.

The PurchaseTix Affiliate Programs are your chance to start earning a commission safely and cost-effectively with absolutely no risk! The program is completely flexible and does not require much time or work on your part. Purchase ticket inventory, create banners or links, then watch as we take care of the rest. And remember, everyone gets paid every month whether you’re booking one lonely ticket each day or thousands per day – it’s up to you how much you’re willing to work to get paid!

3. StubHub Ticket 

The StubHub Ticket affiliate program is currently the only option for affiliate marketers to earn revenue by earning commission on ticket sales.

The StubHub Ticket affiliate program provides deep insight into your customers’ thoughts, behaviors, and interactions with your brand. Our Partners also have access to data-driven insights about events to make smart business decisions that provide superior customer experiences. Of course, this type of information comes at a premium price per user but understanding how our partners make measurable improvements with less cost is one of the many reasons why Partner is committed to them!

4. Ticket Network 

The Ticket Network affiliate program is always designed to offer the best rates with the customer in mind. Therefore, this may be one of your most important considerations when forming an affiliation.

Ticket Network has helped thousands of affiliates realize their dream of full- or part-time income through ticket sales on some of the world’s best venues and events. We know what we’re talking about, and we want to help you do it too! First, through our selection process, then education, position matching, compliance guidance — we’ll provide everything you need to get started today. Ticket Network is an equal opportunity employer committed to finding qualified candidates who will add value to the organization’s culture while meeting all applicable laws governing such searches (EEO).

If you have not yet found a ticket service that will provide you with the VIP treatment for an affordable price, then the time has never been better than with The Ticket Network affiliate program. 

5. Ticketor 

There are a few different options for finding a good ticket affiliate program. One of the most popular programs is Ticketor. Ticketor is an online ticketing platform that allows customers to buy, sell, and trade tickets for concerts, sports, and other live events.

Ticketor has an affiliate program that pays commission on all sales generated through affiliates. The commission rate is 10% of the sale price, and there is no minimum amount required for payout. This program is open to anyone who wishes to join, and there are no restrictions on traffic sources or countries.

6. Ticket Liquidator 

Ticket Liquidator is a ticket resale marketplace that offers premium tickets to events worldwide. They are partnered with many other companies who provide event tickets and work with a variety of affiliates to help promote their website and services.

One way to become an affiliate for Ticket Liquidator is by signing up through their network, Commission Junction. This program offers individuals the opportunity to earn commissions on sales generated through their website. In addition, they offer a variety of banners and text links that can be placed on your website, as well as product data feeds that can be used to populate your site with information about available events. 

7. Event Bright 

Event Bright is an affiliate program that pays you commission for every ticket you sell. You can sign up for the program through their website. Commission rates vary depending on the event but typically range from 10% to 25%. In addition, Event Bright offers a bonus program that pays you a commission on the total sales generated by your referrals (even if they don’t use your affiliate link).

To participate in the affiliate program, you must first create an account with Event Bright. Once you’re logged in, you can access the affiliate dashboard and promote events. In addition, you’ll be provided with various marketing tools to help you promote events, including banners, text links, and social media posts.

8. Score Big 

There are a number of different ways to score big when it comes to ticket affiliate programs. One great way is to find a program that pays a high commission rate and partners with well-known and respected brands in the industry. You’ll also want to ensure the program is easy to use, with clear guidelines and easy-to-follow instructions.

Another key factor in choosing an affiliate marketing program that offers exclusive discounts and offers on tickets. This can be a great way to attract new customers and ensure they keep coming back for more. Finally, it’s important to find a program that provides top-notch customer service, so you can always rely on help when needed.

9. SeatGeek Ticket 

SeatGeek Ticket is a ticket affiliate program. You’re giving them a commission when you purchase through the SeatGeek website. In turn, they’ll give you a rebate on your purchase in the form of SeatGeek credit. You can use this credit to buy tickets for future events on the SeatGeek website.

The SeatGeek ticket is a great way to save money on your next event. And since SeatGeek is one of the most popular ticket websites on the internet, you’re sure to find tickets for any event that you’re interested in. So give it a try today and see how much money you can save!

10. City Pass Ticket 

CityPass ticket is an excellent way for cities to increase tourism and bring in extra money. The city gets a commission on every ticket sold, and the tourist gets a discount on some of the top attractions in the city. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

CityPass tickets are available in most major cities around the world, so if you’re planning on visiting a city soon, be sure to check out their website to see if they have a CityPass program. You’ll likely save money and have a more enjoyable experience if you do!

11. ShowTickets

There are a few different ways to get show tickets. One way is to buy through the show’s official website or box office. Another way is to purchase through a ticket reseller, such as Opportunity Sage. 

Ticket affiliate programs allow you to buy tickets for various shows and events. The advantage of buying through high-paying affiliate programs is that you can usually get better seats than if you bought through the official show website or box office, and you can also often get better prices. Additionally, many ticket affiliate programs offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

12. TicketMaster 

Ticketmaster is a ticket affiliate program that will pair you up with certain venues and then take a cut off the top of your profits. The good news here is that this means an easy setup for starting to sell tickets by having your venue already set up for you!

The best way to become affiliated with TicketMaster would be to follow their instructions and complete what they need from you, which includes selecting the facilities in which patrons can make purchases. After these steps, connections can usually occur within 1-2 weeks. If facilities are not yet available before applying on the site, mail getting in contact with them beforehand might be helpful.

13. Select a Ticket 

There is many different wp engine affiliate program for tickets. Some of the most popular ones include Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats.

To Select a Ticket, it’s important to consider the commission percentage offered, as well as the cookie duration. The commission percentage is the amount of money you earn for every ticket sale that you generate. The cookie duration is the amount of time you have to earn that commission. It’s also important to consider the quality of the tickets that are being sold. Finally, make sure that you’re comfortable selling tickets to your customers, and be sure to test out the checkout process yourself.

14. Ripley’s Believe It or Not 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not offers a great Ticket Affiliate Program that can help you earn some extra money. The program pays commissions on all ticket sales generated through your unique affiliate link. You can use this link to promote Ripley’s Believe It or Not attractions on your website, blog, social media pages, or anywhere else online.

To participate in the program, you must first create an account. Once you’re registered, you will be able to access your affiliate dashboard, where you can find links to download banners and buttons, track your sales, and more. If you have any questions or need help getting started, the affiliate marketer team of Opportunity Sage is happy to assist you.

15. TickPick 

TickPick is dedicated to finding the best prices for live events. Our ticket affiliates work hard every day to negotiate the lowest possible prices from hundreds of resale sites so we can pass those savings on to you, and your tickets are always 100% guaranteed.

TickPick also wants you to have a memorable experience at all of your favorite sports venues, so we provide the most informative and insightful preview content as well as exclusive offers from our sponsors. Our suite of high ticket affiliate products, including a new app, will help you stay connected throughout each event. We want you to come back time and time again with confidence that TickPick has been there with you since day one, thanks in part to our affiliate partners who share in our dreams for this new industry landscape.

16. Vivid Seats Ticket 

The Vivid Seats Ticket Affiliate Program is a way to generate additional revenue while earning valuable rewards on tickets purchased through your links. When you join our Partnership Program by linking to the corporate website and purchasing inventory, we’ll attribute commission for ticket purchases made through your links. These commissions will be calculated on a sliding scale based on the purchase size, and there’s no cap on how many tickets you can earn income off!

17. Headout 

Headout is an online concierge service that offers last-minute deals on activities, events, and experiences in cities worldwide. They have a wide variety of things to do, from sightseeing to spas, and everything in between. And they’re constantly expanding their offerings. What’s excellent about Headout is that they offer a Ticket Affiliate Program. That means if you have a website or blog, you can join their program and promote their deals to your audience. In return, you’ll earn commission on any sales that result from your referrals.

Joining the Headout Ticket Affiliate Program is easy. First, you need to create an account and add the affiliate code to your website or blog.

What to Look for When Choosing an Event Ticket Affiliate Program? 

When looking for an event ticket affiliate program, it is important to consider the program’s type of events. The best programs offer a wide range of events, from music concerts and theater performances to sporting events and festivals.

It is also important to consider the commission structure of the program. The best programs offer high commissions, typically between 20% and 40%. In addition, it is important to look for a program that provides a robust tracking and reporting system. This will allow you to track your sales and commissions accurately.

Finally, it is important to choose a program that has a good reputation and is reliable. The best programs have been in business for many years and have a proven track record of success.


Ticket affiliate programs are a great way to make money by promoting event tickets. We’ve compiled the top 17 highest paying affiliate programs and what you should look for when choosing to get started earning commissions quickly. For more information, visit our website at OpportunitySage.com. We’re happy to help!

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