5 Free Traffic Methods To Make 6 Figures With Affiliate Marketing

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October 25, 2023

The affiliate marketing program is a great way to make money online. It’s not the only way, but affiliate programs are an excellent opportunity for people who want to start earning money without making any upfront investment. There are affiliate programs for virtually anything you can think of, and affiliate marketers earn commissions each time they refer someone else into that affiliate program.

This article will give you 5 free traffic methods that will help you generate more commission-based affiliate sales with affiliate marketing business!

5 Free Traffic Source:

1. Quora
2. Pinterest
3. Facebook Groups
4. TikTok
5. YouTube

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How To Make Money through Affiliate Marketing?

Earning an income with affiliate marketing is a satisfying endeavor, but it needs a lot of studies, evaluating online traffic trends, and understanding follower preferences.

Many affiliates try to bypass the slow free traffic tactics and instead focus on paid ads when they first start. Unfortunately, good affiliate marketing entails a lot of work. To generate money with affiliate marketing, you must execute everything flawlessly. Begin with free traffic while you learn the art of conversion, then go to paid traffic.


Quora is a fantastic source of passive money. All you have to do is choose an affiliate niche and a topic or set of questions to focus on. For example, on ClickFunnels, I began with 8-10 questions. You’ll note that some older queries have hundreds of responses.

It would be best to concentrate on younger ones because ranking for them will be easier because there will be fewer individuals to compete with. It may not have as much traffic as the earlier ones, but it can still provide a lot of free traffic to your affiliate links.

The idea of affiliate marketing Quora is to respond to the questions in an informed manner. When you give them exactly what they’re looking for, there’s a higher possibility that they’ll click on the links you provide in your reply. You may direct folks who are asking inquiries to your blog, YouTube videos, or any other location where you can convert them into consumers.


Pinterest is another excellent approach to drive free leads to your links. And you can do it without having to manage your business day after day.

It is so intriguing that it is a search engine, similar to Google or YouTube. It is essentially a visual search engine, which means that instead of having to run a 2000-word blog post, you can have a simple pin that only takes a few minutes to construct.

You merely need to optimize it with the keywords people are searching for and make sure that your pins are appealing enough to entice them to click over.

There are several strategies to optimize Pinterest for conversion.

1. Placing an Pinterest affiliate links directly inside a pin. You add your title and description once you’ve added your pin with an eye-catching image. Then you may include a destination link that will lead your target audience directly to your affiliate goods.

2. By using pop-ups and CTA buttons, you may route them to a blog article and gather their email address. You may direct Pinterest users to certain blog pieces and then catch them with pop-up offers if you have a blog.

3. Sending them to bridge pages. If you don’t have a blog, you can refer them to bridge pages or affiliate landing pages to give promotions for your items and collect their email address. You may use Pinterest to market your products in a variety of ways. But, first, you have to figure out what works best for you.

Try Pinterest affiliate marketing today!

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are the third free traffic source you may use and one of the useful affiliate marketing strategies. What’s impressive about this platform is that it makes it simpler to attract people in a specific niche since when you start a Facebook group, you’re forming a community.

The idea is to drill down into your specialty and understand precisely what the folks in your group are interested in. This is how you will effectively market to this set of consumers.


Tiktok has undoubtedly become the most popular technique for a new company and affiliate marketers to explode organically in a matter of weeks.

It ultimately boils down to identifying an affiliate marketing niche and creating content around it. Then, to capture your audience’s attention, you must be creative with the short videos you generate.

Of course, you must ensure that these little movies add value. This is how you get your followers to visit your blog posts or affiliate website or YouTube channels. TikTok Affiliate marketing work with the help of search engine optimization of affiliate websites.

Try TikTok affiliate marketing today!


The final and best option, in my opinion, to deliver free traffic to your affiliate links is through YouTube. As a search engine, it allows you to publish a video now and have it return results for years. This implies you can optimize profits for a very long time.

What makes it so strong is that you can create a passive income by developing these little pieces of digital real estate online that will produce views and free traffic, which will turn into leads and commissions down the road.

The key to a successful YouTube affiliate marketing campaign is finding the right influencer who aligns with your brand values and has an engaged audience that matches your target demographic.

You may also want to consider incorporating relevant ads or other digital marketing techniques, such as sponsored videos or paid shout-outs on social media. With the right marketing strategy, affiliate marketing on YouTube can be a powerful tool for growing your business and increasing your exposure online.


To be effective in affiliate marketing, you must drive as many leads as possible to your links. And there’s a lot of planning involved in affiliate marketer of an affiliate network with passive affiliate income.

For example, you can take the easy but costly route of spending a lot of money on sponsored ads, or you can be intelligent and innovative in using the free traffic tools available to you to achieve successful affiliate marketing.

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5 Free Traffic Methods To Make 6 Figures With Affiliate Marketing







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