How to Make Money with ClickBank

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August 20, 2021


How To Make Money With Clickbank

Many individuals mistakenly believe that ClickBank is another affiliate program. Clickbank is an online affiliate marketplace that allows you to sell digital products. Unlike traditional affiliate platforms, however, Clickbank acts as a marketplace for both product creators and affiliates, allowing them to earn money together without the need for complicated paperwork or agreements.

You can click on the “sell” button and upload your product for sale, or click on one of the categories and browse through what other sellers are offering. It’s as simple as uploading a PDF or any other file, filling in some information about what you’re selling, then setting up payment options. Clickbank just launched their affiliate program so you can earn a commission by sending people to Clickbank!

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Selling Your Own Products on Clickbank

You must have your website with a unique registered domain name to sell your products through Clickbank. Websites hosted on free sites are not supported by Clickbank. Moreover, Clickbank marketplace does not provide website design or domain registration services. Clickbank, on the other hand, recommends the services of our numerous partners. To make money as a Clickbank Vendor, you must have a product that you can sell directly through Clickbank and market through their affiliates.

Before you can create a product listing to your Clickbank account, you must first complete several steps. To begin, you must first build the product. Then you must obtain any legal papers that are required. You must finish this step on your own because Clickbank does not provide trademarking or copywriting services. After that, you must conduct your quality assurance.

You must also ensure that your product complies with Clickbank’s requirements in addition to these measures. Also, if you plan to sell tangible goods, double-check that you have the legal authority to do so.

Selling pages highlights your products and allows potential buyers to purchase them through a payment link. Most affiliate marketers will use unique referral links in their promotional materials to send potential clients to these sales pages.

Always keep in mind that anything you sell online, whether it’s your own or not, should be promoted with honesty.

With the assistance of experts, your Clickbank selling strategy will be more effective. A recommended site to start is

Clickbank is a Tool for Generating Leads

If you’re selling a product on Clickbank, make sure your landing page is user-friendly, sales-oriented, and includes a clear call to action. Otherwise, people will simply click on your website and then leave. While this will increase visitors to your website, it will not bring you any cash. Because you may not sell 100,000 copies of your e-book right away, it’s preferable to think of Clickbank as a lead generation tool. Clickbank can be used to bring traffic to your website and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. You have an endless number of possibilities to market to them once they’ve signed up for your newsletter.

Selling Other People’s Products on Clickbank

People all across the world make items that are useful to someone who needs them, such as instructional DVDs, eBooks, or software packages. Online products are a terrific way to earn a passive income because they can be sold at any time and from anywhere without you needing to be there. But what if you haven’t got anything to sell?

Like, you don’t have any DVDs, eBooks, or software applications, and you don’t have the time or resources to create them. That is not going to get in the way of your success! You can do the same thing as everyone else and sell other’s people’s products on their behalf. That’s how good Clickbank is, that it allows you to earn a share of other people’s products in exchange for marketing them online, which may help you make money. That may sound unbelievable, but it’s true, and it’s a huge win for all partners. It’s also a common way to generate passive income. Simply follow all of the processes as if you were selling your actual product.

Marketing Clickbank Products

You should have a website with other affiliate offerings that are similar to the Clickbank products you’d want to advertise. You can use your articles to attract readers’ interest before presenting your Clickbank affiliate offer anywhere in the content. You can also create a newsletter and send it to your audience as often as possible to promote your Clickbank offerings. Because most viewers are on social media, creating a fan page on the platform is also a possibility. You can utilize it to increase traffic to your website by filling your pages with material that connects to it.

How to Pick ClickBank Products to Promote

When it comes to choosing a product, it is crucial. Because you don’t want to promote a bad product that results in some of your transactions being refunded. This is why you should give this decision some consideration and analysis!

Before promoting a product, there are a few factors you should look into. This is to see if it is a worthwhile product to promote

  • Gravity

The Gravity score reveals how many other affiliates have sold the product successfully in the week. This is an excellent indicator because it allows you to check whether the product is selling. Avoid low gravity scores because this indicates that no one is selling the product, making it more difficult for you to sell it. High gravity ratings are beneficial since they indicate that a large number of other affiliates are selling the goods, and if they can do it, so can you! Gravity scores of 50 and more are considered good.

  • Pricing

This is also an important factor to consider. Because it has a significant impact on your return on investment. It shouldn’t be too low or too high. Additionally, prefer goods that charge every month because this is an excellent method to generate passive money online. Here are some pricing considerations for your goods. The buyer’s cost, recurring charges, and upsell/down-sell/cross-sell – To earn higher commissions, you should look for a product with numerous phases in the funnel, Increased Conversions = More Trial Options.

  • Product reviews

It’s also crucial to look at reviews and the reputation of the product you’re promoting. This is important since you want to market a valuable product. This value must be sufficient for the customer to keep the merchandise; otherwise, huge refunds and chargebacks will result.

An experienced affiliate marketer on this platform is the greatest place to start if you want to use Clickbank affiliate marketing. To meet him, go to this site,

Drive Traffic to Your Website

It’s simple to get started with ClickBank. The challenging part is getting people to visit your website and click on your affiliate links. The key to success is traffic generation, which isn’t easy, especially if you’re on a restricted budget. You have the option of paying for traffic or getting free traffic.

Here are some of the free traffic sources on Clickbank:

Organic Traffic – the most available traffic you can acquire for Clickbank is organic traffic. It refers to the traffic you get from search engines. It’s a long-term marketing plan that necessitates dedication and perseverance. You may not obtain visitors from search engines immediately, which is a possible disadvantage of organic traffic.

The Internet and Social Media – social networking is your greatest bet if you’re looking for a low-cost traffic source for Clickbank. You can get free traffic from the most popular social media networks. Because half of the world’s population uses social media, it’s a terrific tool. This implies you may use social media to reach a larger audience.

Forums – Niche forums are one of the best ways to generate free Clickbank traffic. For the record, Facebook Groups are a free traffic source that is progressively displacing traditional forums. Every month, 1.8 billion individuals visit Facebook groups, giving it an excellent source of free traffic.

Optimize Your Website and Capture Visitor Information

Whether or not you are promoting your actual products, the most key point is that your website is functioning and error-free. You should also start collecting information from visitors to your website as soon as possible. One method is to send out a newsletter. You may establish a loyal following with a newsletter to market all of your future deals.

How to Scale Them up and Take Over the Offer

While it is certainly possible to make a large profit from such systems, sustaining and growing them is more difficult. Scaling affiliate networks programs is a lot of effort, and realistically, you’ll need all the assistance you can get.

Hiring freelancers to handle some of your other chores is a wonderful first step if you want to scale your affiliate network faster. Virtual assistants can assist in a variety of ways.

Influencers. When it comes to growing traffic, one of the oldest techniques in the book is to use the power and reach of industry leaders and social media influencers. You’ll increase your chances of getting them to promote your link in front of their enormous audiences by reaching out and creating relationships with these people and businesses. And if they have a written sales page, you’ll probably find it to be quite persuasive and keep you wanting to read more. While this may appear to be an easy task, it does necessitate time and effort.

Social Groups. The beauty of social groups is that they bring people together around a common interest, making it easier to promote content. You’ll be able to maximize the reach of the group if you know which one to advertise to. Depending on the group, this number can reach hundreds of thousands of people. Joining organizations with digital content creators and entrepreneurs discussing affiliate or digital marketing, entrepreneurship, online business prospects, or anything similar makes sense if you’re operating an affiliate marketing program.

Word Of Mouth. Well, before social media became the dominant marketing platform, corporations and marketers relied on good old word of mouth to expand their businesses. They’d discuss the company with their friends, relatives, and even strangers they met in line for coffee or on the bus. Disseminating information through word of mouth is a good strategy to get noticed. As word spreads, it affects a variety of people’s networks.


Making money as an affiliate with ClickBank might be a simple way to earn money in the long run. You can provide readers with powerful products and services by carefully selecting and promoting the proper products.

You can also develop a simple passive income stream for yourself. When compared to sending traffic to an affiliate link, it is significantly easier to generate free traffic for your website through forums and social media. Not only are consumers hesitant to click affiliate links, but publishing affiliate links on social networks and forums is subject to comprehensive program guidelines.

How to Make Money with ClickBank





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