Legendary Marketer Review: Clever Scam or Worthy Investment?

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July 17, 2024

Legendary Marketer Review

Legendary Marketer is one of the newest course launches on ClickFunnels. Legendary Marketer has generated a lot of buzzes, and many marketers are wondering if Legendary Marketer is worth the investment. That’s what we will be answering in this article! Legendary Marketers teaches you how to launch your own business from scratch by following the steps. Finally, you have your affiliate business, items, emails, and everything else ready to go.

Key Takeaways

  • Ideal for Beginners: Legendary Marketer offers extensive training for starting an online business, with a focus on affiliate marketing, making it perfect for newcomers.
  • Structured Learning: Courses like the 15-day Business Builder Challenge and the Legendary Marketers Club provide step-by-step guidance and ongoing education to help users launch and grow their businesses.
  • Advanced Tools Available: For those looking to invest more, advanced courses like the Traffic Rolodex Bundle and various business blueprints offer in-depth strategies for driving traffic, creating digital products, and building a consulting business.
legendary marketer review

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a collection of in-depth training materials centered on how to develop a profitable internet business. Affiliate marketing is its primary focus.

Written articles, video content, online events, and in-person events are all used to provide this instruction. It also covers affiliate marketing, coaching, consulting, and even selling your digital products, as well as other facets of internet business. Legendary Marketer is a virtual community of affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs. They provide a lot of training material and have a vast community of people who help one other to have a successful online business or online marketing.

Who is Legendary Marketer For?

After reading a lot of their stuff, it’s clear that they cater to newcomers to the world of internet business. They aren’t there to help you get from $0 to $5k a month, but to help you get from $0 to $5k a month.

They teach you how to develop sales funnels (crucial in today’s internet business), email sequences to follow up with clients and leads, and, most importantly, TRAFFIC. They provide templates and even one-click import options when they can, allowing you to import funnels into your ClickFunnels account with just a single click.

They’re also quite structured, with assignments, tests, and even a free coaching session to help you get the most out of your training (and, of course, upsell you). while you can apply these lessons to other affiliate opportunities, much of the training revolves around promoting Legendary Marketer products.

Business Builder Challenge

This is the accessible version of their primary front-end product. Unfortunately, there aren’t many high-quality free things in the IM world.

The business builder challenge is a 15-day, step-by-step training program that will help you launch your internet business.

It’s straightforward, chronological, and concludes with a fully operational firm. While Legendary Marketer advertises other items, the purpose of this one is to get you up and running before those products are ever needed. Daily chores, quizzes, assignments, and even coaching are part of the curriculum (which is crazy for a free product). If you’re on the fence about joining, this is the best place to start because it’s free, and you can get a feel for their style without paying any money.

The Legendary Marketers Club

This one has been dubbed “Netflix of online marketing training” because it is made up of many mini-courses aimed to assist entrepreneurs in growing and scaling their online enterprises.

You’ll also have access to live classes presented by members of the Legendary Marketer team every week. The main disadvantage is that they rarely inform you of the topic ahead of time, so you’re better off viewing the replays. On the other hand, attending life offers a significant advantage in that you may ask outstanding professionals questions and have them answered on the spot.

There are just seven mini-courses accessible at the time of writing. However, each one has ranged from four to twenty-one video lessons. So you’re looking at nearly 30 hours of information covering a variety of internet marketing disciplines. Sales funnels, product selection, email marketing, and everything else you can think of are among the topics covered in training. The majority of the content is filmed in front of a live audience, which improves the production quality of the lessons. It checks all the boxes in terms of topics covered and delivery style. It’s evident that the speakers know what they’re doing, and it has a new feel to it.

Traffic Rolodex Bundle

It’s time to move on to the more expensive items. This course is intended to assist you in increasing traffic to your website or landing page. It’s made up of eight different modules that revolve around the most popular and effective traffic-generating techniques. You’ll learn how to use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and the Google Display Network to drive traffic. You’ll also get a crash lesson on how to create landing pages that pass ad platform compliance tests. Each module is taught by a subject matter expert in that field.

Overall, it’s a worthwhile investment if you have the funds and want to use premium channels for affiliate marketing objectives. However, stick with the club until you’re ready to go on to pay if you’re seeking organic. Not a scam!

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Affiliate marketing is unquestionably one of the most popular online business models in 2019 because it combines a low barrier to entry with high growth potential as a masterminds business blueprint. This combination is challenging to find in other models.

This course covers the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, including:

  • What is affiliate marketing, and how does it work?
  • How affiliate marketing works in practice
  • How do you choose which products to promote?
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get started
  • How do you get your first commissions?

While you can apply these teachings to other affiliate possibilities, much of the training focuses on marketing Legendary Marketer products. As previously said, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to obtain the best commissions. You can see how their training interacts in such a manner that it’s difficult to ignore the next offer, but whether you agree with this form of marketing is up to you (and your wallet). A one-time payment of $2,500 is required for the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint. However, I believe you would be better off doing my affiliate marketing training, seeing the webinar, and even buying my whole course for a fraction of the cost.

Digital Products Business Blueprint

This course will teach you how to create digital items, including written ebooks, video content, and audio files, to sell as part of a course or membership site. That’s correct, you can get rid of your shipping and logistical headaches.

Make no mistake: this is still a powerful and underappreciated monetization strategy. While most internet marketers promote other products in exchange for a portion of the revenues, this strategy allows you to keep 100% of every sale.

There are two main stages to this training:

  • Use your knowledge and passion to create a full-fledged information product, including which medium to use and how to organize the data logically.
  • Getting your information product in front of your target audience, including issues like which marketing channels to employ and how to discover the pricing “sweet spot.”

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint

Not sure if you’re ready to join the affiliate marketing bandwagon? You don’t want to make and sell digital things because you don’t want to. You aren’t entirely without options, though. If you have the time, knowledge, and experience to provide, being a coach or consultant can help you develop a highly profitable service-based business without selling to the general public. This course will teach you how:

  • How can you find a specialty for your coaching and consulting business?
  • How do you locate qualified leads who will use your service?
  • How to create a compelling proposal and close potential customers
  • How to locate the best industry platforms and technology to help you operate your company
  • How to Select an Invoicing Platform for Collecting Client Payments

What will you have to pay for this one? The Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint will cost you an additional $2,500 as a one-time fee. While this business strategy isn’t as scalable as the last one, no doubt becoming a good coach or consultant will pay off handsomely. But, unfortunately, it’s still a bit pricey.

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Legendary Marketer Review: Clever Scam or Worthy Investment?







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