Making Money on Pinterest WITHOUT a Blog

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October 26, 2023

If you’re looking for a way to make money on Pinterest in 2021, then don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to do it. Making money on Pinterest is not as complicated as some people think! This blog post will discuss how to make money with your pins without having a blog and the benefits of each method.

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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you make money by advertising products that someone else created. If you send someone to the product’s website and buy something from it, you get paid! You can earn up to 20% commission on each sale made through your affiliate link! Making money with this method doesn’t require any blogging experience, and there are no hosting fees or anything like that.

Pinterest is the ultimate place for affiliate networks and marketers because it allows you to share links directly on a pin! You can even use hashtags that are specific only in your niche, making this platform an excellent way of getting relevant traffic. It’s no secret that social media has become an integral part of our lives. But it can be difficult for affiliate marketers who are trying to build their business when spamming the channel. Commercialized content doesn’t work as well because people get alerted by Facebook or Instagram, which takes away from other users’ experiences on these sites, making them unhappy about being advertised upon.

Paid advertising has also been gaining popularity among bloggers as an effective way of monetizing their content. Another thing that makes Pinterest so great is to promote products via paid ads. Its users are focused mostly on buying something new rather than window shopping, making them more likely to buy what’s being advertised to them by purchasing the said product if they find it interesting enough. Making Money with Paid Ads will cost some big bucks at first, but once you start seeing results, it will be totally worth it! Making money with your Pinterest account WITHOUT a blog is possible, and I’ll show you how.

Pinterest is a giant catalog of things people want. You can use this to your advantage by using affiliate link directly, which will allow you to make money on the site without ever leaving it. Here are some different ways companies have given their fans an opportunity for increased earning potential through promotions with Pinterest marketing:

Promoting Home Page

If you want to promote your company’s home page, the easiest way is by pinning a link that sends people straight there. This ensures they will never miss out on whatever it was exactly about this particular website which made them stop scrolling in search engines like Google or Bing before getting distracted with another ad campaign leading nowhere as usual.

Direct Linking to a Product

You can give a product directly if you want to promote something specific, such as an offer or sale. When you link a product, the price is included in its description, and this seems to get more engagement from viewers than when no such information was available for viewing convenience on social media channels or elsewhere online where people post about items they find interesting enough that might be worth checking out sometime soon too. 

Linking to a Course

If you’re looking for a way to stand out in your niche and make it easier than ever before, look no further. With the internet becoming such an integral part of everyday life, there are tons of opportunities available online that can help bring more traffic towards buying what’s being offered off-site.

If you want to give your niche edge, then the information they consume should come from authoritative and knowledgeable sources. One way of doing this would be by linking them directly with specific courses on different topics relevant to your niche and their personal interests. 

Linking to a Service

Service companies are always looking for ways to make their services easier and more accessible. They do this by providing links that allow users easy access from within the website or app themselves. This link could even be an affiliate program where visitors can earn commissions if someone else signs up as a result of clicking that particular advertisement or banner.

Linking to a Freebie

There is no shortage of freebies out there for your business, from discounts on products to coupons and even exclusive deals. If you’re looking to build your list, one of the best ways is by offering freebies. Free promotions are a great way for companies and affiliates alike to help bring more traffic to the site while also giving back.

The Steps: How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

Now, let’s get into the steps you can take to start making money on Pinterest even if your blog isn’t up and running.

Choose a Niche

When getting traction on Pinterest, you can’t just post random affiliate links from your personal account. You’ll need a Pinterest business account or profile and then choose the niche that will work best for whatever interests or talent are showcased. Some niches do better than others. Find out which niches are doing better than others:

  • Fashion

Fashion isn’t just about clothes or accessories anymore. You can earn money on Pinterest by showing people how to look the best using items they already have at home.

  • Home Decorating

Making money through Pinterest doesn’t need to be difficult when it comes to decorating homes in all forms, including interiors and exteriors alike. Showing off new trends online has never been easier than now, where bloggers are needed more than ever before due to so much competition out there today too! Home decor is an excellent niche for Pinterest because it’s something your Pinterest followers can use to decorate their home from the inside out.

  • Cooking and Recipes

Show people how they can make cooking more manageable by using all-natural ingredients in a way that is fast, efficient, and effective when it comes to getting dinner on the table within minutes instead of hours. You can also show people what foods will help them lose weight or anything else related to overall health & wellness goals. This is why this particular field offers such an extensive reach, unlike any other media platform available these days.

  • Fitness

People are always looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle. It can actually help people reach their goals faster by following what they eat and how much exercise is involved with them too.

  • DIY and Crafts

Even if you’re not that crafty, people can still learn ways to make things for themselves using tutorials that are easy to follow. DIY & Crafts are a good niche since it’s easy to do and requires no prior experience or talent that is required for other niches like Fashion, Home Decorating, or Cooking & Recipes.

  • Financial Freedom

People always say that knowledge is power, but many don’t know where to start when it comes down to financial literacy either. When you monetize Pinterest, it requires just as much education about budgeting and saving up since some people need help getting out of debt first before investing in anything else again today too! For those who have already made an effort towards achieving financial freedom, earning extra cash online could also mean working from home with a full-time job. Making money through Pinterest is an excellent way to work from the comfort of your own home since you can do it any time and anywhere there’s access to WiFi or even cellular data on your phone.

  • Motivation and Inspiration

People are always looking for ways to motivate themselves and get inspired. Making money on Pinterest requires showing people how they can transform their life by simply following a few steps of inspiration at a time instead of trying to do it all in one night or day since this is usually something that takes some time. Still, the results aren’t necessarily guaranteed either here, which is why you’ll need plenty of support, whether it’s through friends or family members who want nothing more than to see your success when making extra cash online too!

  • Healthy Living Tips & Recipes

Everyone wants to live healthier these days. Making money with Pinterest doesn’t have to be difficult if you focus on sharing healthy living tips and recipes so that other people can do the same too. Pinterest has become an enormous market for people who are looking to live healthier but have no idea where they should start. Making money through Pinterest can help them take that first step in achieving their goals while reaching their own financial freedom too!

  • Travel Tips & Advice

People love traveling, so why not make some extra cash by helping them out with travel tips and advice? Traveling is something everyone does at least once every year, if not more, but many don’t know where to go or what activities they’d like to do when it comes down to planning. This niche is one of the most popular amongst avid travelers since it’s easy enough for anyone to follow along without any previous experience. Making money through Pinterest can be done by simply showing people different places they’d like to go, what’s worth visiting while there, and even sharing helpful tips on how to save up for travel too.

Travel is a huge industry that can provide you with all kinds of tips and tricks for different aspects. A Travel niche can be very broad, but you can use this to your advantage. Pinterest has a huge market of people who are looking for ways to plan their trip or even save money on the things they want to do once they get there too, which is why Pinterest affiliate marketing works so well with travel-related content like hotels and tours alike. Whether you’re looking at doing this part-time in your spare time, working full-time from home with just your phone & laptop computer, or using this alongside another income source entirely.

Find Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

Now, it’s time to start looking for money-making opportunities that you can promote on Pinterest. Visit their websites and look for an affiliate link where they will sign up. Once you find one of your favorites, go ahead with signing up by filling out some information about yourself or providing proof if requested. All programs might not approve you, but don’t give up yet; some require website experience while others only care how successful someone has been at making sales before themselves. It really just depends on what kind of company is involved, so make sure to read carefully.

Create Pinterest Boards & Pin Other People’s Stuff

The first step to becoming an affiliate marketer is creating boards on your Pinterest accounts. Before you start pinning other people’s stuff, though, make sure that your strategy is sound. You can’t just pin anything you find around the web and call it a day because that won’t get you the results you’re looking for. It’s important to come up with solid keywords, understand your audience, create valuable content, and follow proper Pinterest etiquette when making money through affiliate marketing on Pinterest instead. Create at least 20 topics that fall under the category “my niche,” such as weight loss or yoga.

In order to get started with your boards, you need the right keywords. Use the Pinterest suggested search feature and search under a particular topic and see what people are using as their pinning inspiration. Use those suggestions for names of different boards or just create one called “Inspirations.” Once that’s done, head on over some pins from other great creators who have exciting content worth seeing in its own right, then add them into categories relevant to yours.

Adding affiliate links is the next step towards making money through Pinterest instead. When someone clicks on one of these pins, they’ll see a description with all kinds of information about what’s being sold. This includes everything from the price tag down to where it was made and why you like that product specifically (if it helps). Make sure not every single pin has an associated link because people will get annoyed if there are too many unless you’re using meta tags that automatically post without any human intervention whatsoever instead.

Now You Know How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

We’ve put together this quick guide for how-to and helpful tips that can get anyone started in business today. So, now you have the opportunity to start making money on Pinterest without creating your own blog. 

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