9 Perfect Dog Affiliate Programs for Maximum Profits

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October 25, 2023

Dog owners are some of the most dog-loving people in the world. They will do anything for their dog, and they want to make sure that their dog is happy. Dog owners also like giving gifts, so dog affiliate programs are a great way to get them on your side with affiliate revenue! These 9 dog affiliate programs offer you everything you need to maximize profits while doing something good for dogs at the same time as an affiliate marketing platform for an online business with some of the highest paying dog affiliate programs.

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FitBark, one of the best dog affiliate programs in the pet niche, is dedicated to providing pets with a nutritious, wholesome, and healthy lifestyle. In addition, it aids dog owners in the fight against obesity, diabetes, and a slew of other diseases that afflict dogs worldwide.

FitBark manufactures a stylish monitoring device that can be attached to your dog’s collar to track their physical activity levels. Not only that, but this device can track daily calorie counts, activity levels, travel distance, sleep quality, vital signs, behavioral cues, and overall health metrics.

It’s like a stylish version of the Apple Watch for dogs, and it helps dog owners improve their lifestyle and routines to improve their dog’s health. It is the ideal tool for marketing to dog lovers, and dog affiliate programs like this has a lot to offer. It pays a 12% commission on every product sold through your efforts and has a 60-day cookie tracking period, giving you plenty of time to convert your readers into buyers.

Bark Potty

One of the most well-known dog affiliate programs and best affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry, Bark Potty provides a one-of-a-kind product that allows creatives and marketers to create exclusive content. It serves as a natural alternative to pee pads, allowing older and younger dogs to relieve themselves without the need for human assistance.

It’s a fantastic product for training your dogs and puppies, and it makes the entire process straightforward. The tray is intended to prevent leaks, and it is much less expensive than 50 pee pads. The product’s convenience and popularity, not to mention the low price, make it an easy sell for novices and newcomers. It provides a 30-day cookie tracking period and a 10% commission on all sales.


Pet Wellbeing, which focuses on the health and well-being of dogs, provides a wide range of nutritional supplements that treat more than 120 pet diseases and infections. The health and well-being of pets are critical to maintaining healthy pets and maintaining a healthy and wholesome indoor environment for the entire family.

The product selection is extensive and enjoyable. Pet Wellbeing also provides eco-friendly products for pet owners in addition to natural supplements. The affiliate experience is rewarding and enjoyable for creatives who want to provide their audience with high-quality, immersive content.

With a cookie tracking period of 60 days, the commission rate is quite lucrative at 10% per sale. Pet Wellbeing’s average order is between $60 and $75, giving affiliates a higher earning potential. ShareASale manages these types of dog affiliate programs.

Fi Smart Dog Collar Affiliate Program

The anxiety and fear that come with losing a dog can be devastating. Still, with the Fi Smart dog collar, a GPS tracking device, you can ensure that your four-legged friend never leaves your sight. GPS tracking collars have grown in popularity in recent years, and Fi has received a lot of attention for its sleek and charming collar designs.

Marketing these fashionable GPS tracking collars is a lot more fun than selling the ugly plastic collars that most brands sell. The Fi Smart dog collar allows dog owners to track their dog’s movements, location, and physical activity. It also keeps dogs from being stolen. In addition, with a commission rate of 20% on all sales, this is one of the highest-paying dog affiliate programs. As a result, you will earn a $29 commission for each collar sold due to your advertising efforts.

Brain Training for Dogs

Dogs are fiercely loyal, and they adore their owners so much that they will go to any length to win their love and approval. Training enables dogs to gain confidence by learning new skills, allowing them to interact more effectively and enjoy the satisfaction of being helpful to their owners it has online courses on other website affiliate programs.

Adrienne Farricelli, a well-known CCPDT certified dog trainer, developed Brain Training for Dogs, which has grown in popularity to make dog training more accessible and enjoyable. This digital product contains 21 games for teaching a dog new tricks and skills, and dogs of all ages can benefit from this training.

It is an excellent product for correcting Alpha-type behaviors in aggressive dog breeds and teaching vital skills in a fun and engaging manner. As an affiliate marketer, promoting such a product is extremely rewarding, and the commission rate for this program is truly exceptional. This is one of the highest-paying dog affiliate programs, with a 75% commission rate on each sale. So, for every sale, you can bank $31.75, providing tremendous earning potential for financial stability and steady wealth generation. This program has a Gravity score of 130 on ClickBank, the highest among dog training products on the platform.


PetCube, one of the most popular dog affiliate programs on the market, assists humans worried and guilty about leaving their furry friends alone. It provides innovative pet software that allows owners to monitor, communicate with, and even play with their pets from a distance.

It has an integrated laser light that allows owners to play with their pets. This product is available in over 2500 retail outlets in 18 countries worldwide. As a result, affiliate managers have a fantastic opportunity to broaden their readership and reach a global audience through creative advertising efforts. The PetCube affiliate program has a cookie tracking period of 60 days, and affiliates can earn a 10% commission on every sale.

Furbo Affiliate Program

Furbo is ideal for dog owners who suffer from separation anxiety and feel guilty about leaving their furry friends alone. Furbo’s dog camera and dog nanny provide a robust platform for monitoring dogs, maintaining two-way interactions, and even dispensing treats to reward them. Isn’t that amazing?

Marketing such an exceptional product is enjoyable and rewarding because you won’t have to work too hard to be creative and engage your audience. The Furbo Affiliate Program pays a 5% commission on each referred sale, giving affiliates $7 for each sale. Furbo also converts 16% of traffic to sales, so the earning per click potential is higher. The earning per click is $120.06, making this one of the most profitable dog affiliate programs for a steady passive income.

Keep in mind that this is an add-on affiliate link program that selects deserving affiliate marketers, so it is not a viable option for beginners. It necessitates a marketer with a thriving website that commands authority and a devoted readership.

Best Bully Sticks

Do you want to sell 100% natural dog treats to health-conscious owners in exchange for an 8% commission on each sale? Best Bully Sticks provides easily digestible and nutritious dog snacks low in fat and sugar. Their products are highly nutritious, unquestionably the healthiest chewable treats to support a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Affiliates can earn an 8% commission on each referred sale, with a cookie tracking period of 30 days. Because of the month-long tracking period, creative marketers can make a lot of money. Think about it; healthy dog treats are a relatively unexplored niche, so the earning potential is higher due to the lack of competition. This is an excellent time for affiliates to consider dog-specific affiliate programs.

Ollie Affiliate Program

Ollie, a brand dedicated to dog health and nutrition, has one of the best dog affiliate programs in the pet niche, and the experience is enriching. Why are you inquiring? First and foremost, Ollie donates 1% of its profits to dog rescue organizations and plays an encouraging role in dog awareness communities. It provides delicious dog meals and treats made with human-grade ingredients. 

Associating with such a conscious and responsible affiliate manager ​allows affiliates, particularly young marketers, to build a solid portfolio of well-known brands. Ollie provides a subscription box service that ensures pet owners never have to go to the grocery store late at night because they forgot about their dog’s dinner

Ollie can customize the diet based on the dog’s breed, weight, age, and specific health concerns, such as allergies or intolerances. Marketing a socially and ethically responsible brand has numerous advantages. Most importantly, its products are easy to sell because modern-day consumers, particularly millennials, seek to associate with such brands.


There are numerous physical and digital products to market, ranging from high-quality dog food and wellness programs to training programs, monitoring software, and much more. The commission rates, earnings per click, and cookie tracking period are higher than in most other niches. If you genuinely adore dogs, you’ll never get tired of writing about their care and well-being with the help of a dedicated affiliate manager on your affiliate sites to become successful affiliate marketers. Click here to find out more ways to earn money.

9 Perfect Dog Affiliate Programs for Maximum Profits







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