The Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest Marketing

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October 26, 2023

Since you Can publish affiliate links on Pinterest, it is one of the finest venues for affiliate marketers. Everyone else despises affiliate links and will go to great lengths to eliminate them. Pinterest, on the other hand, makes it clear that they are permitted. Pinterest is one of the best social media sites for generating traffic to your website. This article will go in-depth about affiliate marketing programs that are specifically tailored for Pinterest, and how they can help you get more exposure on this site. The Affiliate Marketing program is popular with global search.

affiliate programs for pinterest

Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

Pinterest is a social networking service or online business, although it differs from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in several ways. Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share photographs, referred to as “pin” postings in Pinterest’s vernacular. Various people will have different reactions to these posts. Each viewer has a customized stream.

This means that on Pinterest, the viewer gets to choose what they want to see. However, you should also be aware that this platform is mainly used to get inspiration and ideas for creative works, projects, assignments, events, and fashion, among other things. As a result, a viewer’s primary objective to visit Pinterest is to look at something they want to buy.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular categories of best affiliate marketing programs for Pinterest marketing, as well as some of the most outstanding affiliate program offers. We’re only going to talk about niches for a second. Some places do exceptionally well on Pinterest, while others perform horribly. Home décor, travel, design and internet marketing, DIY and crafts, food and drink, hair and beauty, and kids and parenting are some of the most popular right now. It is also commonly known that the affiliate marketing service provider with the best affiliate program needs to have a great and dedicated affiliate manager.


Joybird specializes in custom furniture and decor, such as couches, chairs, bedroom furniture, tables, storage, and decorative things. Customers can select from various fabrics and colors, and the item is then custom-made to their specifications. They also provide an unheard-of 365-day home trial period, free returns within 14 days, and lifetime warranties on all items, making them ideal for families and pets.

  • 15 percent commission (very high in this niche)
  • 60-day cookie lifecycle

What Makes It Special:

Because of their customizable merchandise and excellent warranties and return policies, Joybird is an easy sell online platform. With Joybird, you’ll not only be able to convert successfully, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of one of the most excellent commission rates and cookie durations in the industry.


Wayfair is not the same as Joybird. However, they have a large selection of furniture, outdoor furniture, kitchen, bed and bath things, carpets, decorative items, storage items, lighting, baby and children’s items, appliances, and pet products at reasonable costs.

  • 7% commission on cookies 
  • 7-day duration

What Makes It Exceptional:

With so many possibilities of this affiliate platform, practically every affiliate marketer can find things to advertise to their audience, and their low costs make conversions simple.

Designer Living

In bed, bath, window, rugs, youth, outdoor, and pets, Designer Living offers furniture and home décor from many of the top home decor brands. Bombay, INK + IVY, Madison Part, Natori, and many other brands are represented.

  • 10-percent commission
  • Cookie life span: 30 days

What Makes It Exceptional:

Suppose your target audience appreciates a designer lifestyle. In that case, this is one of the most exemplary affiliate programs for Pinterest because you can give them a wide range of home décor items in several designs and price ranges.

Another feature of Designer Living that earns them a spot on my best-of list is that they match prices, which is beneficial for conversions.s simple.


Travelpayouts is a remuneration (CPA) travel affiliate network that sells hotels, flights, vehicle rentals, tours, activities, and travel insurance. It is one of the best travel affiliate programs for Pinterest.

  • Up to 80% in commission (although the average is 1.6 percent for flights and 6 percent for hotel bookings)
  • 30-day cookie life span

What Makes it Stand Out:

The Travelpayouts affiliate network is one of the favorites because it allows you to easily construct and personalize your site widgets. They’ve fine-tuned their web tools to boost conversions, and they provide extensive affiliate training.


TripAdvisor is most known for providing ratings of local attractions, but it also allows users to book hotels and holiday packages and make restaurant reservations.

  • Cookie commission: 50%
  • minimum 14-day duration

What Makes It Exceptional:

The beautiful thing about TripAdvisor as an affiliate program is that affiliates are compensated regardless of whether or not bookings are made. So you’ll get paid every time someone visits TripAdvisor from your site.


ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that makes it simple to design landing pages and sales funnels that turn visitors into customers.

  • Cookie commission: 30% -40% (both recurring and one-time goods are available)= 
  • Sticky cookie lifespan: indefinite

What Makes It Unique Among the Best: 

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is the best affiliate marketing program out there (if you’re in the internet marketing area) because they’re the top affiliate and a two-time winner of the ClickFunnels dream automobile. They have a wide choice of stuff, from free to high-ticket items costing thousands of dollars, and you’ll get paid on whatever your referrals buy for themselves. With affiliate program offers recurring affiliate programs for Pinterest with the best affiliate marketing content.


For folks who aren’t graphic designers, Canva is one of the best pieces of online graphic design tools. Any regular Joe can produce magnificent graphics that appear to have been done by a specialist.

  • Commission: $6.95 if they sign up for a free trial, plus one of the following if they sign up for a paid subscription:
  • A monthly pro subscription costs $12.95.
  • Cookie’s annual pro subscription is $30. 30-day duration

What Makes It Exceptional: Canva is a free plan that is a terrific method to pique people’s attention before they pay to acquire more features. Canva is one of the most useful affiliate networks.


Final Thoughts on the Best Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest. You may push your affiliate items on Pinterest with much success if you focus on one of these themes. You may also do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a site that keeps things basic and straightforward. popular affiliate programs for Pinterest are high paying programs

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The Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest Marketing





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