The Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs To Promote

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October 25, 2023

Being an Essential Oil Affiliate is a great way to earn money by promoting Essential Oils. Essential oils are all the rage nowadays, and people are always looking for ways to incorporate them into their lives. If you’re new to being a high-quality Essential Oils Affiliate, or if you just want some more information on which programs are worth joining in 2021, then this blog post is for you!

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Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs

People who choose a natural approach adore these oils for anything from stress and pain relief to skin benefits, increased energy levels, and relaxation. Is your target audience interested in natural remedies such as essential oils? If that’s the case, you’re fortunate because there are plenty of affiliate items that will appeal to them.

However, choosing the correct essential oil affiliate program to join can be challenging in an industry with so many options. That’s why, to make things easier for you, I’ve hand-picked the most successful affiliate schemes. So, let’s get started with the top essential oil affiliate program.

Boom Boom Naturals

Check out Boom Boom Natural if you’re new to affiliate marketing and looking for the top essential oil blends programs. They’re one of the most well-known manufacturers of nasal inhalers, which may sound dull at first, but the cool thing is. They use a variety of natural essential oils in their inhalers to improve breath, energy, attention, and overall mental wellness. Customers can even “create their own perfume” with their “build your own scent” kit. Pure essential oils are used in their inhalers, which come in various tastes such as Tropical, Berry, Cinnamint, and Melon. As an affiliate, you’ll get a ten percent commission on every sale you refer, which works out to $2 per item sold.

It won’t make you rich, but they have a 17 percent conversion rate, which means that one out of every five visitors will most likely buy something. Everyone from office employees to athletes can benefit from their inhalers.

The timeframe of their 15-day cookie is shorter than most of the essential oils partnership programs on this list. As a result, you might not profit from customers who take their time to make a selection. On the other hand, their affiliate network is powered by ShareASale, which makes tracking sales and commissions a breeze.

Pilgrim Collection

Pilgrim Collection is not a large essential oil company with a limited product line. On the other hand, their essential oil selection is pure, high-quality, and organic. They sell single oils and collections that can help with various diseases and issues of mood, strength, and connection.

I like them because they have elegant diffusers that can be used for various applications. In addition, they are available in small or big sizes, and the duration of a diffusing session varies. There are also waterless diffusers that may run for up to 2 hours. What’s more, these diffusers can be used in various settings.

You’ll get a 10% commission for every eligible sale once you’ve joined their essential oil affiliate program. So you can market Pilgrim collection products to those who care about their health and want to decorate their homes stylishly. Their tracking cookie lasts for 90 days, which is exceptional. So you’ll have ample time to complete your transactions while still earning an affiliate commission.

Pilgrim cannot be used as your primary essential oil affiliate program due to its low inventory. However, it’s a fantastic secondary program that can be useful in developing your affiliate approach.

Oasis Diffusers

The Oasis Diffusers essential oil affiliate program is ideal if you want to join a virtual affiliate network but don’t want to promote essential blended oils. Different diffusers from Oasis Diffusers vaporize a mixture of water and essential oils to raise your mood and conceal unpleasant odors.

The business focuses on two specific products:

  1. Car vent diffusers
  2. Shower diffusers 

Diffusers for cars are fantastic. To me, inhaling something good in your car is preferable to inhaling chemicals.

These items have a dock that can be mounted to the wall without causing damage. In addition, users do not need to connect the products to their domestic power supply because they are battery-powered. You’ll get a 10% commission rate and a 90-day cookie period, which is standard in this sector.

According to statistics, a large number of consumers purchase Oasis diffusers. This implies you can generate a significant income if you promote these things to the proper individuals.

Jade Bloom

Customers can choose from a variety of items made entirely of essential oils, such as oil-infused tea, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and hair care products, to name a few. Customers can choose from an extensive range of products on Jade‘s official website, and their essential oils and products are reasonably priced. Repeat customers can also take advantage of the company’s reward program.

Customers can also play a fun game to collect points and receive discounts on future purchases. In terms of guarantees, they provide clients a full refund for every good they purchase, regardless of why they bought it. Customers can also get free shipping if they spend $15 or more on their order. That’s a low bar to clear, and it’s simple to do so. One of the most acceptable ways to earn passive income is to join their partnership program.

As a Jade affiliate, you’ll earn commissions on sales for the rest of your life. On the initial order, the rates range from 10% to 15%, depending on the tier you choose. But here’s the genuinely excellent part, you can learn to use essential oils correctly by enrolling in Jade Bloom University. You’ll also get $32 extra if you finish the course. That’s free information + a payment plus the ability to educate your audience – fantastic better!


This organization has over 32 years of expertise in the aromatherapy market and has provided excellent 100% aromatherapy products to millions of customers.

I like that they have a product that you can trust right away. Their products use over 24 essential oil mixes that help to soothe, heal, and relax. They use USDA-certified and 100 percent organic essential oils in their products.

Bath and body items from Aromafloria include foot soaks, foot scrubs, body wash, lotions, bath salts, bubble baths, and other stress-relieving treatments. They offer a comprehensive range of skincare products, including facial oils, scalp oils, massage oils, and other skin nourishing and brightening. They also have inhalation beads that resemble soft-gel capsules. They come in bottles to make transporting and use easier.

It’s fantastic that you’ll be able to provide so much to your audience with this one. Aromafloria skin products are not scented, even though most of their goods are. Instead, customers have a choice of 21 scents from which to choose.

That’s also cool!

I believe the Aromafloria partnership program is one of the best essential oils affiliate programs on the market, with so much going for them and such high commissions.


Barefut boasts one of the best 100% natural essential oils stocks sourced from 35 different sites worldwide.

Teas, 90 single oils, various carrier oils, 43 distinct blends, diffusers, books on essential oils, and lip balms are all available. In addition, they mark some items as kid-friendly since they can be used by children over two when suitably diluted. You can monetize your website or blog by joining their program.

Barefut has everything your audience needs, whether it’s essential oils, herbal drinks, or a book. Here’s what’s good and what’s poor about this one. Because all Barefut items are inexpensive, you’ll need to convert a large number of people to make a profit.

Your first verified referral sale will earn you a 20% commission. You’ll get a 10% commission if the consumer returns and buys another purchase through your link. Because Barefut sells a variety of products, you’ll be able to attract a broad spectrum of customers to your website.

Another excellent conversion element is the company’s reward program, which provides clients with a 5% credit against future purchases for the excellent essential oil blends.


Dr. Christopher Streicher started Amrita Aromatherapy, a family-owned business that is one of the largest essential oil suppliers in the market. The company features a large selection of USDA-certified pure essential oils or natural oils.

Amrita Aromatherapy also sells skincare products, diffusers, books on essential oils, perfumes, organic deodorant, and other health-related items in addition to essential oils. The best part about this affiliate partnering arrangement is, their essential oils are available in bulk packaging. Customers can buy them in bulk or as individual oils. This provides you some leeway when it comes to selecting promotional materials.

Amrita’s affiliate program has a 30-day cookie, which isn’t ideal but is still acceptable in the business. Their commission is likewise reasonable (10 percent on every sale). Because their program is hosted on ShareASale, you must create a ShareASale account before using it.

I recommend this essential oil affiliate program if you wish to advertise organic products. Furthermore, their wide range of products will undoubtedly wow your audience.

Diffuser World

Vaporizers are the most acceptable way to benefit from essential oils’ medicinal advantages fully. Diffuser World recognizes this, which is why they’ve created the most remarkable atomizers, portable diffusers, and vaporizers available. They also provide lovely essential oil mixtures for various uses, including flu relief and mosquito repellent.

They have an inexhaustible supply of essential oils, diffusers, and other associated programs. I’m serious! They appear to have everything necessary to meet the demands of an audience.

They also have reasonable commissions. It even triples the commission offered by Amazon for selling identical items. You’ll get a 15 percent commission on all qualifying sales on the essential oil affiliate program.

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils is a family-owned business specializing in providing pure and genuine essential oils. They make shopping on their website quite simple.

Customers can, for example, search for oils based on their requirements rather than simply listing them. They also present customers with a table that compares their items to those given by more giant corporations. A fantastic return policy backs their essential oils. What’s more, the consumer won’t have to pay for return shipping costs because the corporation will cover them.

Because of their risk-free guarantees on all orders, Rocky Mountain oils has developed a strong reputation in the market. Customers can choose from a wide range of goods, including oils for cleaning, skincare, sleep, mood enhancement, nutrition, and more. In addition, customers interested in multifunctional essential oils will appreciate their unique sets.

They have a package for everyday essential oils, natural laundry, and even a kit for diffuser users. Rocky Mountain Patterning is on my list of essential oil affiliate program due to its excellent commission rates and reputation for selling high-quality items.

After you’ve patterned with Rocky Mountain, you’ll get a 9-16 percent commission, which is higher than some of the other important affiliate referral programs we’ve covered in this list. They also have a 60-day cookie duration, which is astounding. You will also receive banners and text links as part of the essential oil affiliate program.


Before working with an essential oil firm, double-check the cookie duration and, more importantly, the commission rate. The longer the cookie, the more commissions you can earn on referrals which take a little longer to make a transaction.

You may choose the best essential oil affiliate program for your audience and affiliate marketing business from these nine best important essential oil affiliate program. Overall, no software can be said to be perfect. The key is to choose a program that you know will appeal to your target demographic.

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The Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs To Promote





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