Top 10 Baby Products Affiliate Programs

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October 26, 2023

There are baby product affiliate programs for every stage of a baby’s life. Whether you’re looking for baby clothes, diapers, or baby toys – there are the best affiliate programs out there waiting to give you a commission. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 baby product affiliates for affiliate marketers for 2021!

baby products affiliate programs

Choosing Baby Products Affiliate Programs

To determine which baby products affiliate programs are ideal for you to join, you must first determine what makes a baby products affiliate program ideal. You’ll need to be a master marketer if you choose a brand that isn’t well-known. If you choose a program with a reasonable commission rate, neither of these considerations will matter. Some schemes pay you a set commission rate, while others pay you a percentage of sales. If you use good descriptions and photos/reviews of the things you’re attempting to sell on your social media channels/blog, you can help convert clicks into sales.

Urban Sitter

Parents can use Urban Sitter to find and connect with babysitters for their infants and toddlers. They provide a long list of reliable babysitters in 60 cities around the United States. You can even interview and pay your sitter through this app, which I thought to be a terrific function. This well-known software also has a lucrative affiliate scheme like a natural sitting position. However, its services are so well-liked in the United States that you won’t need to sell them very much. You can earn a sizable commission on each new membership, so make the most of your social media following.


  • It has a longer cookie duration than most similar programs.
  • It has a set commission rate, making it a reliable source of income.
  • You won’t need to sell the software because it has so many beautiful features with a shopping deal site.


  • It does not give a steady stream of income.

Baby Bjorn

Baby Bjorn began in Stockholm, Sweden, and today has locations in more than 50 countries. Their goods are designed with the safety and convenience of moms and babies in mind. I found their things to be exceptionally well-made, and I’m confident you will as well. They sell everything from bouncers and carriers to chairs and cradles for babies. Because they’re a family-owned business, their customer service is kind and personalized. The abundance of information for new and pregnant mothers is one part of their website that genuinely jumped out to me. When you’re marketing their items and providing links, make sure to mention this.


  • Its commission rate is more significant than other baby products affiliate programs.
  • It has a long cookie life.
  • It emphasizes a diverse and appealing assortment of baby and maternity items.
  • The items are of excellent quality and will last a long time.


  • Their website needs to be updated; it appears to have several issues.

SnoofyBee Baby Products

SnoofyBee was created to make it easier for new parents to change diapers without causing a mess. When you’re changing your toddler’s diaper, the product transforms into a cone that wraps around their waist.

Isn’t that clever? I was thinking the same thing. Their affiliate scheme is also highly innovative, as they pay you $8 on a $42 average sale value. However, because this product is so well-designed and in high demand, you won’t need to sell it as much as you may think.


  • It’s a product that sells quickly and in large quantities.
  • It provides a reasonable commission.
  • It has a cookie duration that is far longer than that of most similar affiliate schemes.


  • It doesn’t have a lot of resources for new affiliates in terms of information.

Hatch Collection

Hatch Collection is the perfect apparel line for expecting women who are sick of wearing typical maternity clothes. Their garments are comfy, inexpensive, and fashionable. Ensure that they carry clothing for ladies at various stages of pregnancy when promoting their links. Dresses and jumpsuits in a variety of fabrics and patterns dominate their collections.

The Hatch Collection also contains aesthetic products that help prevent stretch marks, including belly oils and belly masks. You can join their baby products affiliate programs not just if you’re an expectant mother but also if you’re looking for gifts for one. Because their program is still in its early stages, you’ll be among the first to join and collaborate with them. As a result, you’ll be able to increase your revenue as the brand name expands organic baby formulas for affiliate marketers.


  • It offers a diverse range of items for pregnant women.
  • It’s a new show that’s still getting traction.
  • It has a reasonable cookie duration.


  • Given the low amount of sales, the commission rate is exceptionally modest.

The Cute Kid

In addition to approximately 120 million households in the United States, The Cute Kid has a global following. With this information in mind, it’s easy to see why their conversion rate is so high.

Because they have an excellent retargeting approach, their baby products affiliate programs is by far one of the best on this list. In addition, this organization will provide you with several helpful tools to promote their connections and increase your profits through their program.

They also feature several member-only contests with attractive prizes. They hold a yearly competition that awards $25,000 in college tuition funds. AffiliateTraction, a well-known service, is in charge of its affiliate program.

If you wish to learn more about this program, you may contact them by phone or email with your questions. They’ve also answered a lot of my questions, and they’ve been accommodating.

Organic Baby Foods

Organic Baby Foods, based in Berlin, Germany, is one of the leading suppliers of baby foods in Europe today. Their goal is to raise awareness of organic, healthful infant food free of artificial dyes and flavors. They use only natural, organic components from Germany, which is a huge selling factor. They primarily work with the Hipp, Lebenswert, and Holle brands. You won’t have to put in a lot of work to promote them because they’re a well-known and well-known brand. So their affiliate program is exceptionally well-designed.

Baby Sleep Miracle

Baby Sleep Miracle is a superb product with top baby products affiliate programs that is an ideal answer for weary, sleep-deprived parents. In addition, their product is available as an eBook, so it is so popular with young parents. I’d say this affiliate program is a safe investment because the product is well-known and has received positive feedback. Please take a look at the reviews for yourself to understand what I mean.

This service provides you with a whopping 75% commission on sales. This is undoubtedly one of the highest commission rates you’ll discover in any internet baby products affiliate programs. They also have a 15 percent conversion rate, which is unique.

Cole and Coddle

Cole And Coddle is a tiny online store that sells affordable apparel for new moms, dads, and, of course, babies. All of their products are tested to ensure that they are safe to use on and around children and expectant mothers.

Their items are attractive and comfortable, and they are sure to be a favorite with expecting parents. In addition, for a substantial commission on sales, you can republish their ads and links on your website or blog. If you have a substantial social media following, put it to good use by promoting their items there as well. You can mention the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) certification on all of their apparel when you’re promoting them.

Happiest Baby

The ‘Snoo Smart Sleeper is a one-of-a-kind device created by Happiest Baby. If your baby keeps waking up during the night, the Snoo Smart Sleeper is designed to assist them in getting back to sleep. It’s essentially a bassinet that plays a white noise track and rocks your kid whenever they wake up.

One feature of this gadget that I found particularly impressive is its sleep reports for your baby, allowing you to follow their sleep patterns and improvement. It is, however, a reasonably pricey device, costing about $1,000. This makes it difficult to market. You have the option of collecting a $50 commission or 4% of sales as an affiliate.

Bloom Baby

Bloom Baby was founded by four fathers to create elegant and practical baby items. All of their things are made with the highest quality materials and are environmentally friendly. These materials are safe for newborns because they contain no lead, BPA, or other harmful chemicals.

Their affiliate program is well-thought-out and well-executed. As a result, you get a healthy commission, and their average order value is also relatively high. When you combine this with a high conversion rate, it’s easy to understand why this is one of the top baby products affiliate programs around.

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Top 10 Baby Products Affiliate Programs





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