Top 10 Christian Affiliate Programs

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October 23, 2023

Top-Rated List Of Best And Legitimate Christian Affiliate Programs

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Christian affiliate programs are a great way to spread the word about Jesus. However, many different Christian affiliate programs offer a lucrative payout. The best way to find the one that’s right for you is by researching the type of products or services it provides, its payout structure, customer support options offered, etc. 

However, these days people don’t seem interested in reading lengthy articles or watching videos on YouTube anymore; they want something shorter and easier to digest while still being informative enough to provide them with valuable information. This is where Christian Affiliate Programs come into play! With just a few clicks of a button, you can convert someone from being lost or unaware of Jesus Christ into becoming a lifelong follower by simply signing up at one of these top 10 best Christian affiliate programs for A Lucrative 2021.

Top Christian Affiliate Programs


SacredMedals is a company that offers Christian affiliate programs and believes in promoting products that are rooted in faith and righteousness. We believe that by partnering with Christian businesses, we can help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Our christian affiliate programs offers a variety of products, including Christian jewelry, home decor, and apparel. We offer an 8% commission on all sales generated through your affiliate link, and we provide you with all the tools you need to promote our products.

If you’re interested in joining our team and becoming a part of the SacredMedals family, please visit our website for more information. 

2.DaySpring Affiliate Program

The DaySpring Affiliate Program is an excellent way to partner with one of the top Christian publishing companies in the world. As an affiliate, you can earn commissions on sales generated through your website, blog, or social media platforms by promoting some of DaySpring’s most popular products. Plus, there’s no limit to the amount of commission you can earn!

The DaySpring christian Affiliate Program is free to join and offers a variety of banners and text links that you can use on your website or blog. Or, if you prefer, you can use your custom creatives. So copy and paste the HTML code into your website or blog and start promoting DaySpring’s great selection of products. You’ll also receive regular updates on new products and opportunities to earn higher commissions!

3. Fontanini Store Affiliate Program

The Fontanini Store Affiliate Program is an excellent way to partner with one of the world’s premier Christian gift makers and earn commissions on high-quality Fontanini figurines’ sales. We provide a wide variety of high-quality products, including figurines, statues, ornaments, and more. Plus, we’re constantly updating our selection with the latest and most significant items. The program offers generous commission rates, and there are several ways to promote the products, including online banners, text links, and product reviews.

Create an account at the Fontanini Store affiliate website and complete the application to join the program. Once your account is approved, you can begin promoting the products and earning commissions on sales. For more information or help getting started, be sure to check out the Affiliate FAQs page.

4.ChurchSource Affiliate Program

The ChurchSource christian Affiliate Program is a Christian affiliate program. It’s designed to help churches, ministries, and Christian organizations grow their online communities of followers by providing them with the tools they need to do so, including banner ads, link exchanges, and private blog networks.

The CSA Program offers both advertisers and publishers access to an engaged audience through targeted links on popular websites such as Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter; targeted emails; content upgrades like extended ad slots or sponsored tweets; plus tracking reports that show how well your campaigns are performing so you can optimize future spend quickly!

5. Judaica Affiliate Program

The Judaica christian Affiliate Program is a Christian affiliate program. It’s important to note that most affiliates on this site are not jews, and most don’t even know what Judaism is!

It has been around for a decade and has had more than 1 million visitors in that time frame. In addition, they offer a unique affiliate program where affiliates can market Judaica and Christian products. This is an excellent way for affiliates to earn money while supporting their favorite brands!

The Judaica christian affiliate program is simple, effective, and easy to use. Affiliates receive a 20% commission on all purchases made through the links they provide. In addition, there are no limits on how many referrals an affiliate can send each month–in fact, it’s encouraged that affiliates share the love by sending as many referrals as possible! 

6.Mazaico Affiliate Program

Mazaico is a Christian-based affiliate program. They offer unique and engaging products, including Christian books, music, software, movies/TV shows, and even classes, that are both high quality and affordable for the average person and products specifically designed to serve people in various industries or niches. They also have an amazing referral program where you can earn commissions up to 50% on every sale generated by your downline (a person who has joined the Mazaico Affiliate Program).

Mazaico has been around for decades, which means they’ve seen plenty of changes in internet marketing over time. However, they know what works today, so you don’t have to waste your time figuring out all this new stuff! In addition, all their campaigns are carefully planned out with an eye on conversion rates, so you can rest assured knowing that every dollar will bring in customers without costing too much in wasted advertising spend or lost sales due to poor placement ads not reaching their target audience properly. is a dating site that connects Christian singles. In addition, they offer a variety of christian affiliate programs, which allow webmasters to earn commissions by promoting the site. is one of the oldest and most respected Christian dating sites online. They have been connecting singles for decades and have helped thousands of couples find love.

Their christian affiliate programs are a great way to promote their site and earn commissions on any sales you generate. You can choose from various programs, including pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale programs. And best of all, there is no minimum required commission amount!

8.S&S Worldwide

S&S Worldwide is a Christian-based company that offers a variety of christian affiliate programs to help spread the gospel and support Christian causes. Their programs include a free Online Bible School, free online worship tools, and free online church management tools. They also offer a wide variety of products, such as Sunday school curriculum, children’s ministry resources, music CDs and DVDs, and more.

If you’re looking for quality Christian products and services to promote on your website or blog, S&S Worldwide is worth checking out. They have something for everyone, and they’re committed to helping Christians worldwide spread the gospel and make a difference in the world.

9. Christian Strong

Christian Strong is a website that provides information on how Christians can make money through affiliate marketing programs.

The site has several resources available, including an overview of affiliate marketing success, lists of recommended programs and networks, tips for creating successful campaigns, and case studies of Christian entrepreneurs who have used affiliate marketing to grow their businesses.

Christian Strong also offers a range of services to help Christians start with affiliate marketing, including one-on-one coaching, training courses, and membership in an exclusive community of entrepreneurs.

10. Nest Learning

Nest Learning is a Christian affiliate program that offers digital and physical products.

Nest Learning was founded in 2012 with the intention of providing quality educational resources for Christian families at an affordable price. Since then, they have grown rapidly, expanding their product range to include children’s curriculum and homeschooling materials. They now offer over 3200 courses across 12 subject areas, including Art & Design, Business & Enterprise Studies, English Language Arts & Grammar, Geography & World History, Mathematicsmatics – Statistics – Physics; Music Theory; Philosophy; Spanish Language Acquisition And Culture.

Christian affiliate programs may be done in may different ways using different kinds of devices or medium. It can also be spread or expressed with the use of art, in this case – Mosaic with the company MOZAICO.

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As you can see, many Christian affiliate programs allow you to make money by sharing the message of Christ. It’s up to you to decide which one is best for your needs. If none seem like a good fit or if you want help finding an affiliate program tailored specifically for your niche, feel free to contact us at (212) 683-9100 or visit our website at Opportunity, and we will do our best to find something perfect!

Top 10 Christian Affiliate Programs





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