Top 10 Boats And Yachts Affiliate Programs With Great Commissions

The luxury boat and yacht sector encompass more than just boat sales and rentals. As an affiliate, you could be dealing with boating components, safety parts, and other products and accessories.

If you decide between yachts and boats, keep in mind that yachts are far more expensive to buy or hire. As a result, if you deal with boats, you’ll most certainly make fewer commissions.

On the other hand, Boats are less expensive and provide a higher volume of sales and, as a result, commissions.

In addition, several of the programs I’ve examined offer gear for other outdoor activities such as camping, mountaineering, and so on. So if you want cheap commissions but many orders, keep an eye out for these.

Top 10 Boats And Yachts Affiliate Programs

1. West Marine


3. Boatbooking

4. Sea Eagle


6. Outdoorplay

7. Marine Products

8. Cabela’s

9. WaterOutfitters

10. Bass Pro Shops

1. West Marine 

Fishing, boating, kayaking, and various other water sports may all be enjoyed with West Marine’s products and services. You’ll see what I mean when I claim they have one of the most boat/yacht affiliate programs out there if you go to their websites.

They have more than 120,000 items to sell!

You’ll have access to their product data stream and creative content as an affiliate. This will assist you in better comprehending how to market their merchandise.

Commission Junction and FlexOffers are used to manage their affiliate program.

If you join their program, you’ll also get updates on promotions and special discounts.

  • Cookie Duration- 7 days 
  • Commission Rate- 2-10% of sales 


  • Have a large product collection that allows for a high conversion rate
  • Affiliates have access to a lot of promotional information.
  • Make appealing affiliate offers.


  • The duration of their cookies is rather short.
  • The commission rate differs per product type.


SONS OF SAILS, based in Zagreb, Croatia, has a global fleet of nearly 6,500 boats. Gullets and sailboats are among the boats on display, as are motorboats and motor yachts.

After reviewing several luxury yacht affiliate programs, I can confidently declare that SONS OF SAILS offers one of the best.

Their sign-up process is short and easy, making it an excellent choice for newcomers to affiliate marketing. In the end, I thought their commission rates to be extremely generous.

For each new booking, you’ll receive a 40% commission at first. While this is currently a respectable commission rate, it will continue to rise as you book more and more reservations.

Once you’ve completed 10 reservations in a year, your commission rate jumps to 50% on each new booking. You can collect your commission in two ways: when the boat cancellation period has passed or when the passenger makes payment.

  • Cookie Duration- Not mentioned 
  • Commission Rate- 40% for the first 10 bookings, 50% thereafter 


  • The percentage of commission is pretty high.
  • The registration procedure is straightforward and quick.


  • Unless you sign up, they don’t disclose the cookie duration.

3. Boatbooking 

Boatbooking is a global provider of boats and yachts for corporate gatherings, weddings, and other special occasions. In addition, they have a solid affiliate program that allows you to earn money by just posting their links on your website.

This is an excellent approach to monetize your website or blog!

Focus on yacht charters, and you will receive a commission if a visitor to your site clicks on the link and rents a boat.

I was amazed by how smooth their lead tracking process is, especially since they report lead statuses in real-time, which is a useful tool. But, of course, the commission rate varies depending on the destination, boat type, and other factors.

  • Cookie Duration- 30 days 
  • Commission Rate- 20% on new and 10% on returning customers 


  • The tracking system is user-friendly.
  • The commission rate is reasonable.
  • Their cookie lifespan is quite long.
  • They frequently have a lot of repeat customers.


  • Influencers with a large consumer base are the only ones who are accepted.
  • To begin earning commissions, you must have a net charter value of $3,000 (USD/Euros/GBP/SGD).
  • They only accept payments via bank transfer.

4. Sea Eagle 

Sea Eagle is regarded for producing some of the greatest low-cost boating alternatives to high-cost ones. However, with an average order of around $650, your commissions are well worth it.

I found their customer service to be outstanding — always swift and helpful.

Sea Eagle has teamed up with AvantLink, a well-known affiliate marketing firm, to establish one of the best luxury yacht affiliate programs available today. They also provide you with marketing tools and resources to aid in promoting their program and enhancing conversion rates.

Furthermore, orders are processed quickly — within one business day. To assist sell their items and earning your commission, you can take advantage of the numerous promos and unique content they provide.

  • Cookie Duration- 120 days 
  • Commission Rate- 9% on sales 


  • They have one of the industry’s longest cookie lifespans.
  • They provide excellent tools to assist influencers in promoting their links.
  • It is advantageous to have a high average order value.
  • Their customer service is exceptional.


  • The commission rate of Sea Eagle affiliate program is lower than that of many of the other companies on our list.


SAILINGEUROPE is more than simply a sailing company; it also encourages healthy living and environmental awareness. Based in Zagreb, Croatia, this company promotes the Mediterranean lifestyle and offers some fantastic holiday packages to support it.

Their offices are also located in Munich and Moscow. Motorboats, catamarans, gulets, and sailing yachts of all sizes are among their many options.

To join their affiliate program, you will not need any technical experience or expertise.

I found their tracking services to be particularly useful, as you can go in at any moment and see the performance of your ads. All you have to do now is promote their services and send visitors to their website.

Certainly, the commissions they offer will make it worthwhile for you.

  • Cookie Duration- Not mentioned 
  • Commission Rate- 50 EUR per sale 


  • The tracking services work well.
  • The fixed commission rate ensures a consistent cash stream.
  • They offer a variety of banners and other content to aid in the promotion of their services.


  • Prior to signing up, the cookie duration is not set.
  • A minimum payment balance of 100 EUR is required.

6. Outdoorplay 

Outdoorplay lives up to its name by providing everything you’ll need to enjoy the great outdoors. Tents, mountaineering equipment, and kayaks are all included.

Their collection of boats, on the other hand, takes the cake—one of the largest selections of inflatable kayaks, rafts, and boating equipment I’ve seen.

They use AvantLink, as do many other reputable affiliate networks. As a result, even though their commission rates are low, they rise as affiliate performance improves.

  • Cookie Duration- 120 days 
  • Commission Rate- 8% of sales 


  • They provide a huge selection of products for outdoor use that sell quickly.
  • The duration of their cookies is pretty long.
  • They have a customer support team that has won awards.


The commission offered isn’t particularly attractive.

7. Marine Products 

Nautical Products has boat components, marine hardware, life vests, and other accessories. Their products are of exceptional quality, making them one of the top five water sports merchants in the United States.

This affiliate program is extremely well-designed, ensuring that both novices and specialists are catered to. AvantLink, one of the most well-known affiliate marketing companies, manages Marine Products’ affiliate program.

It may appear like you’re putting in a lot of effort for little gain, with an average minimum order value of only $250.

This is true until you understand they have one of the greatest sales volumes in the industry. In addition, you’ll have exclusive access to Marine Products’ tracking tools, marketing materials, and other resources as an affiliate.

  • Cookie Duration- 120 days 
  • Commission Rate- 8%-13% of sales 


  • They produce high-quality goods.
  • Affiliate marketers will find their tools beneficial.
  • The duration of the cookie is pretty considerable.


  • Because the average minimum order value is so low, it can take a long time to generate a significant amount of money.

8. Cabela’s 

Cabela’s offers a wide range of boats, boating supplies, and boating equipment. They’re the world’s largest mail order and an internet store, which means their customer base is always growing.

You can benefit from this by signing up as a free affiliate with them.

AvantLink and Impact Radius manage their affiliate program. This luxury yacht affiliate program provides you with access to the company’s product catalog, widget tools, and other marketing resources.

When promoting their products, make sure to note that they offer free shipping.

Affiliates will be able to participate in sales campaigns, which will help you enhance your conversion rate. In addition, their pre-written content will allow you to sell their products while saving time.

  • Cookie Duration- 14 days 
  • Commission Rate- 5% of sales 


  • They feature ready-to-use tools that save you time.
  • It’s simple and free to join.
  • It offers a variety of low-cost items that sell quickly.


  • The commission percentage is quite modest.
  • The cookie lifespan is less than that of most similar items.

9. WaterOutfitters 

Water Outfitters has a huge selection of all the water sports equipment you’ll need. Wakeboards and water skis are available, as well as kayaks and towables.

They’ve established a well-designed luxury yacht affiliate program using AvantLink.

After you join their program, you’ll get access to product data feeds, tracking information, and creatives.

As an affiliate, you’ll get access to marketing materials and advice on advertising their items. These suggestions, in my opinion, set this program apart from the others I’ve reviewed.

  • Cookie Duration- 30 days 
  • Commission Rate- 4%-8% of sales


  • With improved performance, the commission rate of the Water Outfitters affiliate program rises.
  • The cookie is set for a reasonable amount of time.
  • The newsletter includes special deals and helpful hints.
  • It’s simple and free to join.


  • Because the commission rate is minimal at first, generating significant money with this program may take some time.
  • The average order value is lower than the majority of competitors.

10. Bass Pro Shops 

Products from national and local brands and those made in-house are available at Bass Pro Shops. They sell boating equipment and camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

They also have many life jackets, marine electronics, trolling motors, and other boating accessories.

When promoting them on your website, make sure to emphasize the variety of things they have to offer. For example, commission Junction manages its high-quality boat affiliate program.

This program is for you if you’re a blogger or influencer who can’t devote a lot of time to your website.

You will get access to product photographs, descriptions, and reviews that you can use on your website as part of this program. This will save you a lot of time from having to create all of the information from scratch.

  • Cookie Duration- 14 days 
  • Commission Rate- 5% of sales 


  • They have quite an extended cookie lifespan.
  • Provide affiliates with pre-written articles.
  • They have enticing sales and promotions.


  • The commission percentage is minimal.

What to Look For When Choosing a Boats and Yachts Affiliate Program 

You’ll need to keep a few factors in mind when selecting a boat and yachts affiliate program that meets your needs. The first is the commission rate you might expect to earn.

While boosting links on your website/blog isn’t a mammoth endeavor, it does necessitate some work.

After all, time is money, so be sure you’re making the best use of it. Don’t get too excited by programs that promise you a lot of money.

To earn a commission as an affiliate, you’ll need to help raise a website’s conversion rate. Personal touches, such as your own product experiences, should also aid increase conversion rates.

In this part, I’ve analyzed ten affiliate programs for boats and yachts and detailed the benefits and drawbacks of each.


By now, I hope you’ve read through all of the reviews and have a decent understanding of what to expect from a good affiliate program. If you’re still undecided, I recommend looking up more information on the programs using the resources I’ve provided above.

With these affiliate programs, I’ve merely scratched the surface; there are many more out there. Rest assured, though, that I’ve only included the greatest ones in this list.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money while you sleep, and you’ll appreciate how little effort is required.

Furthermore, I’ve discovered that sitting back and watching your online business following do the work for you can be pretty fulfilling.

Learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for high-ticket affiliate programs. At OpportunitySage, we’re glad to assist you in learning more about affiliate marketing opportunities. So, what do you have to lose? To get started, contact us right away!

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