Top High Paying Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Lead

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October 25, 2023

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. Affiliates can earn commissions by promoting other companies’ products on their websites, blogs, social media pages, forums, and more. High paying affiliate programs are available for just about any industry imaginable – from beauty products to weight loss pills to dating sites! There are even high paying affiliate programs that pay per lead.

What is a Pay-per-lead Program?

Cost per lead is the name of a cost-per-action program. The trader compensates an affiliate in this scheme in exchange for bringing in leads and new users. Affiliates must complete a few tasks in order to participate in the Pay per lead affiliate program:
Give the particular platform where they log in your contact details, such as name, email address, etc.

  • You must register to get the free trial.
  • Next, register for an account.
  • You can sign up for a webinar or event if you’d like.
  • Get the app and install it.
  • Inquire about a demo.
  • Obtain a card.
  • Make a meeting or appointment.
  • Finish the quotation
  • Depositing or moving money
  • Deposit or transfer funds

Because Pay per lead affiliate program have a low hurdle, many favor them. This is so that they may easily sign up individually rather than having them make a transaction. Let’s examine the differences between various affiliate marketing schemes for a better understanding:

Pay Per Lead – With the PPL affiliate program, you are paid every time a fresh lead is acquired.

Pay Per Click – The PPC affiliate marketing rewards you each time an affiliate clicks on your affiliate link; a lead or customer is not required in order for you to receive payment.

Pay Per Acquisition – It is a traditional kind of affiliate marketing in which you are only compensated for sales that are generated as a result of your marketing efforts.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

High Paying Affiliate Programs

  1. ShareASale Affiliate Program
  2. RankPay Affiliate Program
  3. National Debt Relief Affiliate Program
  4. CreativeLive Affiliate Program
  5. Merchant Equipment Store Affiliate Program
  6. Personal Capital Affiliate Program
  7. Hiscox Affiliate Program
  8. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  9. Leaf Filter Affiliate Program
  10. Skillshare Affiliate Program
  11. Canva Affiliate Program
  12. Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program
  13. Constant Contact Affiliate Program
  14. TouchBistro Affiliate Program
  15. Cashsuperstar Affiliate Program
  16. Born to Sell Affiliate Program
  17. Buildium Affiliate Program


One of the best locations to find affiliate products to promote on your blog is through this well-known affiliate marketplace. ShareASale provide technology and tools to support publishers and advertising.

A huge variety of niches are offered here, as well as a wide choice of products. They typically offer services, real goods, or software as their products. Home & Garden, Fashion, Green, Business, etc. are some of the other well-liked sub-niches.

This platform offers a wide variety of lucrative affiliate programs, giving you the chance to profit handsomely from them. This network is popular with affiliates since it has a respectable payment structure and timely payments.

Affiliates receive $30 for each lead. Your lead must register as a ShareASale affiliate through your affiliate link and earn at least $20 in commission in order to be eligible for this. Try ShareASale affiliate program today!

Commission Rate: $20

Cookie Duration: 60 days

URL: ShareASale Affiliate Program


RankPay is a search engine optimization company that is based on performance. You tell them what keywords you want a page to rank for, and they do their best to make it rank. You only pay them if it happens. As a RankPay affiliate, you can earn money in two ways:

You will receive $25 for each free signup if you sign up through ShareASale. If you get more than 20 signups in a month, they’ll increase it to $50. If the SEO works, it’s not accessible for your referral, but it’s risk-free because they don’t have to pay if it doesn’t. Directly through RankPay — You will earn through pay-per-sale affiliate marketing when you sign up as a RankPay affiliate now on their website.

That means you’ll earn 10% to 20% recurring commissions on all of their services (SEO, social marketing, blog management, website maintenance, content optimization services, and WordPress plugin) for as long as the customer stays with RankPay.

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: N/A

URL: RankPay Affiliate Program

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief is one of the most affordable options for getting out of credit card debt. This type of service is more important than ever in these times. This is one of the highest-paying pay per lead affiliate network, and they provide numerous methods to earn:

National Debt Relief affiliate program provide a variety of ways for you to generate money with them:

  • PPL – You can earn $27.50 for each legitimate inquiry for a free debt relief quotation. It only takes a minute to complete a 6-field form to get leads.
  • 2nd Tie – You can earn an extra 12% in commissions for each affiliate you recommend in the second tie.

Leads are qualified if they live in one of the qualifying states (excluding CT, GA, KS, ME, NH, SC, OR, VT, and WV) and have at least $10,000 in unsecured credit card debt. The affiliate managers will make as the top high paying affiliate programs.

Commission: $27.50 for every successful lead

Cookie Duration: N/A

URL: National Debt Relief Affiliate Program


CreativeLive has over 1500 free and paid courses taught by over 700 great creators such as Tim Ferriss, Lindsay Adler, Lewis Howes, and Jasmine Star. Courses are intended for creators, and the categories available include Photo & Video, Money & Life, Art & Design, Craft & Maker, and Music & Audio.

Affiliates profit from pay per sale and payment per lead affiliate marketing. You’ll earn $1 for each free lead, as well as a 20% commission on new client purchases and a 10% commission on returning customer purchases using an affiliate link as part of the affiliate marketing business.

Commission Rate: 30% commission for new customer purchases

Cookie Duration: 30 days

URL: CreativeLive Affiliate Program

Merchant Equipment Store

Merchant Equipment Store enables businesses to accept credit cards by providing payment processing solutions and processing equipment near wholesale prices run by affiliate marketers using the best affiliate marketing programs. You can’t go wrong advertising this one because it has a strong reputation and focuses on exceptional customer service and reasonable rates.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn $20 for each person who completes a short online form to apply for merchant services.

Commission Rate: $20 per lead, 3% per sale

Cookie Duration: N/A

URL: Merchant Equipment Store Affiliate Program

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free online budgeting tool that allows you to see all of your accounts in one location, track and manage your finances, plan for retirement or college, and much more. This is without a doubt one of the top pay-per-lead firms since you may earn $50-$100 for every signup and manage by a great affiliate manager, not like a web hosting affiliate program.

The only catch is that they must attach $100,000 in investable assets to their dashboard, which is relatively simple if they are already tracking their home equity, IRA, 401K, savings, and so on. As the number of leads you generate grows, your commissions per lead will increase. Try Personal Capital affiliate program now.

Commission Rate: $100 for every successful lead

Cookie Duration: N/A

URL: Personal Capital Affiliate Program


Hiscox bills itself as America’s largest small online business insurer, focusing on personalized coverage and excellent customer service. They provide:

  • Liability in general
  • Professional responsibility (E&O)
  • Policies for business owners
  • Cybersecurity is important.
  • Short-term obligation
  • and much more

As a Hiscox affiliate, as your own affiliate program, you will earn $25 for each quotation generated using your link. Your referrals only need to complete a quick and easy form with a 33% conversion rate.

Commission: $25 for every successful lead

Cookie Duration: N/A

URL: Hiscox Affiliate Program


ClickFunnels is a fantastic piece of software that allows users to design funnels, landing sites, do email marketing, take payments, recruit affiliates, and much more. But what’s even great is their Clickfunnels affiliate.

In my perspective, ClickFunnels is one of the greatest (if not the best) pay-per-lead affiliate networks because, while the amount received each lead is only $1, there is enormous potential to earn thousands from that lead over time without doing any additional work.

Let’s see how it pans out…

  • You’ll earn $1 for each free book (CopywritingSecrets, DotComSecrets, ExpertSecrets) requested by your referrals, and your referral will only have to pay for shipping.
  • Once you’ve gotten the referral through the door, ClickFunnels will start selling to them. But, again, you’re likely to earn some commissions without having to do any extra work if you have an established sales funnel and several products to offer to them.
  • Furthermore, if the referral purchases a ClickFunnels membership, you will receive 30-40% ongoing commissions.
  • The One Funnel Away Challenge is also a high-paying affiliate product. Customers pay $100, and you earn 100% commissions, which means you make $100 for each customer.

Commission: Up to 40% commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days

URL: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Leaf Filter

Leaf Filter is the largest gutter protection firm in the United States, providing and installing the most effective debris-blocking technology. Customers will have a fantastic experience with Leaf Filter, and they will also receive lifetime guarantees on all purchases.

As a Leaf Filter affiliate, you’ll earn $17 for each free estimate generated by your link. CJ Affiliate or CJ affiliate network is in charge of the program that would possibly be an eBay partner network.

Commission Rate: 17$

Cookie Duration: N/A

URL: Leaf Filter Affiliate Program


Skillshare has thousands of lessons to help you improve your creativity. Design, animation, illustration, photography, writing, business, and lifestyle are some categories.

Skillshare courses are taught by industry experts who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge, skills, and resources. Affiliates are compensated $10 for each new person that signs up for a free trial. Impact Radius manages the best high paying affiliate programs.

Commission: Up to 40%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

URL: Skillshare Affiliate Program


Canva is a graphic design platform that enables non-designers to produce professional-looking graphics for free or at a moderate cost (depending on the tools you want access to).

This software makes it simple to produce graphs, infographics, logos, brochures, other visuals, and picture and video editing. In addition, designs can be readily exported for printing in the format required by print shops. Canva affiliate program is a hybrid of PPS and PPL.

You’ll get $6.50 for each free trial you refer. You’ll also get 100% of the first month’s subscription fee ($12.95). This is a clear winner among high paying affiliate programs that pay per lead.

Commission Rate: $36 for every new Canva Pro subscriber

Cookie Duration: 30 days

URL: Canva Affiliate Program

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance is a U.S.-based online pet health insurance company for cats and dogs. They have a lot going for them, such as:

  • One of the most significant levels of client satisfaction in the industry
  • Accident and illness insurance coverage from head to toe
  • For routine care, a flexible Wellness Rewards plan is available.
  • Vet bills can be reimbursed up to 90% in cash.
  • Plans that are customized

Affiliates are paid $36 for each qualified lead. Relevant information is a fresh reference filled out an online application and entered their mailing address on page 3 of the quote request.

Commission Rate: $36 per lead

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL: Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software company that caters to small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. It allows users to accomplish the following:

  • Using email marketing automation, you can increase sales or donations.
  • Use e-commerce solutions to increase sales.
  • Increase your lead generation using Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Integrate additional programs to improve efficiency.

The Constant Contact affiliate is compensated $5 for each referral that signs up for a free trial. And if that recommendation turns into a paying customer, you’ll get an extra $105! When it comes to pay-per-lead high paying affiliate programs, that’s not terrible.

Commission Rate: $5 for every successful lead and $105 per upgrade to a paid account

Cookie Duration: N/A

URL: Constant Contact Affiliate Program


TouchBistro is a multi-award-winning iPad POS system affiliate site for restaurants. It enables restaurants to make more money while providing a superior customer experience and easier restaurant administration. Restaurants can use this POS system to:

  • Increase sales by suggesting upsells at the appropriate time.
  • Turn the tables more quickly.
  • With a clever self-ordering kiosk, customers can enhance their meals.
  • Streamline your kitchen with a kitchen display system.
  • Using reporting features, you can make more intelligent business judgments.

The website high paying affiliate programs at TouchBistro is fantastic! They provide $100 for each demo obtained through your liking, as well as $1000 for each sale. They also offer additional benefits to highly active affiliates.

Commission Per Lead: $100 per lead/demo

Commission Per Sale: $1000 per sale

Cookie Duration: N/A

URL: TouchBistro Affiliate Program


Cashsuperstar is a pay-per-lead affiliate marketing platform scheme that allows you to advertise a simple strategy for making money online daily.

You’ll get $2 for every free lead you produce in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand using double opt-in. The landing page you’ll be promoting is constantly being tested for maximum conversions and has a global conversion rate of 50%.

This product is unusual in that you will also receive free traffic back to a link of your choice as a bonus. They also offer additional benefits to highly active affiliates.

Commission Rate: $1.00, $1.25 or $1.50 commission for every active single optin lead

Cookie Duration: 15-30 days

URL: Cashsuperstar Affiliate Program

Born to Sell

Born to Sell is an award-winning trading software that allows you to generate extra money from stocks and ETFs that you currently own. It also makes it simple to discover fresh investment opportunities for selling options to others. There are numerous methods to profit from this affiliate program.

To begin, you will be paid $5 per lead for free trial enrollment. Then, when the free trial converts to a paid user (around $26.60), you’ll receive $40 per paid subscription and a 54% commission.

Even a second-tier allows you to earn 10% of the commissions generated by affiliates below you. High paying affiliate programs that pay per lead, such as this one, offer a plethora of revenue prospects.

Commission Rate: $5 per lead and $40 per paid subscriber

Cookie Duration: 90 days

URL: Born to Sell Affiliate Program


Buildium is property management software that assists property management firms with the following tasks:

  • Task management and maintenance
  • Relationship management with tenants and owners
  • Property marketing
  • Their enterprises are expanding.

Buildium affiliates earn $10 for each free trial signup and a 25% commission on monthly memberships.

Commission: $25 for every successful subscription

Cookie Duration: 60 days

URL: Buildium Affiliate Program

There are a lot of high paying affiliate programs to choose from. Some high paying affiliate programs have better offers than the others but that doesn’t mean that those high paying affiliate programs are what’s best for you. You need to consider a couple of things before engaging in high paying affiliate programs. Getting the best high paying affiliate marketing programs doesn’t always mean higher revenue. To learn more about high paying affiliate programs, click here!

Top High Paying Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Lead





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