Top Investment Affiliate Programs to Grow Your Income

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October 25, 2023

If you are looking to grow your income, then affiliate marketing is the way to go. Investment or investment affiliate programs offer a variety of investment opportunities that can help you reach your financial goals. Investment affiliate programs are great because they allow you to invest with little or no money upfront!

This blog post will discuss some of the Best Investment Affiliate Programs out there and how they can benefit your future.

Here Are the Best Investment Affiliate Programs

  1. TradingView Affiliate Program
  2. GoldBroker Affiliate Program
  3. SpeedTrader Affiliate Program
  4. Ally Invest Affiliate Program
  5. Bitcoin IRA Affiliate Program
  6. Personal Capital Affiliate Program
  7. Motley Fool Affiliate Program
  8. Zacks Trade Affiliate Program
  9. Acorns Affiliate Program
  10. Robinhood Affiliate Program
  11. RocketDollar Affiliate Program
  12. eToro Affiliate Program
  13. Titan Affiliate Program
  14. M1 Finance Affiliate Program
  15. MarketRiders Affiliate Program
  16. The Wall Street Journal Affiliate Program
  17. PeerStreet Affiliate Program

Investment Affiliate Programs

investment affiliate programs

TradingView Affiliate Program

TradingView is a social trading network. It boasts over 30 million users and provides instant access to charts, screeners, and technical analysis and it is one of the best investment affiliate programs.

Beginners can take advantage of TradingView’s free plans. Paid plans range in price from $14.95 to $59.95 per month. In addition, TradingView offers a fantastic affiliate program.

To begin with, all of your recommendations will receive a $30 credit toward their subscription simply for signing up. Then, as an affiliate, you will be paid a lifetime commission of 30%. This is valid for as long as your referrer is on a plan. A giant 90-day cookie is also included with this program. Try Trading View affiliate program today!

Commission: 30% Lifetime Commission

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

URL: TradingView Affiliate Program

GoldBroker Affiliate Program

GoldBroker is one of the best investment affiliate programs, a company that offers gold and silver as well as storage. Gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, and silver coins are among their offerings. Customers who don’t want to keep their precious metals at home can use one of GoldBrokers’ storage facilities.

This affiliate program offers tiers of commissions dependent on the overall quantity of sales made. There are two types of affiliate commissions: purchase commissions and storage commissions.

Storage commissions range from 0.10 percent to 0.20 percent. Purchase commissions range from 0.20 percent to 0.40 percent. This program provides affiliates with a one-year cookie period.

Commission: 0.10-0.40%

Cookie Duration: 1 Year

URL: GoldBroker Affiliate Program

SpeedTrader Affiliate Program

Speed Trader is a trading brokerage service that includes a variety of features. Extensive shortlists, low-cost transactions, and an intelligent trading platform are just a few of SpeedTrader’s most popular features. Active day traders will benefit the most from Speed Trader.

There are numerous pricing choices for this service. Depending on the functionality they require, users can pay either $49 or $79 per month for the trading software. However, if the user makes a particular amount of monthly commissions, SpeedTrader will waive these fees.

Affiliate program pays low commissions, starting at $2.49 per trade, $0.002 per share, or $0.25 per option contract. In addition, SpeedTrader has a good affiliate program that pays affiliates $100 for each referral that finances their account.

Commission: $100 per Funded Account Referral

Cookie Duration: Not Specified

URL: SpeedTrader Affiliate Program

Ally Invest Affiliate Program

Ally Invest is an online brokerage that offers self-directed trading and managed portfolios as well as other services. There is no minimum balance requirement for self-directed trading accounts, and they include commission-free stocks and ETFs.

However, a $100 minimum commitment is required for the managed portfolios, including a mix of low-cost ETFs. Thanks to these possibilities, Ally Invest is an excellent tool for both hands-off investors and those who prefer to be personally involved.

Ally Invest affiliate program offers affiliates a 45-day cookie duration and offers commissions starting at $25.

Commission: $25+

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

URL: Ally Invest Affiliate Program

Bitcoin IRA Affiliate Program

Bitcoin IRA provides IRA accounts that can be used to invest in bitcoin or gold. In addition, they allow users to transfer their existing IRAs or 401ks to the BitCoin IRA brokerage, where they may decide how their money should be invested. It is one of the most favorite investment affiliate programs The ability to trade assets at any moment is another aspect.

Affiliates are paid $50 for each completed application by Bitcoin IRA. They also offer incentive rewards, an affiliate marketing strategy that could help you earn a more significant commission as affiliate marketers.

Commission: Up to $75 per Referral

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

URL: Bitcoin IRA Affiliate Program

Personal Capital Affiliate Program

Personal Capital is a financial management program. It lets customers connect all of their bank accounts in one convenient location. Personal Capital is a simple program to market because it is free to sign up for an account. This tool helps keep track of your net worth, retirement accounts, and fees.

Personal Capital pays $100 for every qualified lead to affiliates. So, for example, someone who has $100,000 or more in investable assets qualifies as a qualified lead. The Personal Capital affiliate program has a cookie duration of 60 days.

If you want to earn a passive income, try Personal Capital affiliate program today!

Commission: $100 per Qualified Lead

Cookie Duration: 60 Day Cookie Duration

URL: Personal Capital Affiliate Program

Motley Fool Affiliate Program

The Motley Fool is a popular website that focuses on investing and the stock market. They’ve been around since 1993, with a book, podcasts, a newspaper column, and a radio show to their credit.

Aside from the free information, the Motley Fool also provides paid services. Stock recommendations, Motley Fool Options, a series of “Rule Breaker” investments, and other premium services are available. Their annual subscriptions range from $199 to $13,999. In addition, the Motley Fool pays $100 per lead and has a 30-day cookie.

Most investment affiliate programs save money through affiliate networks with the help of an affiliate manager. Try Motley affiliate program today.

Commissions: $100 per Lead

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

URL: Motley Fool Affiliate Program

Zacks Trade Affiliate Program

Zacks Trade is a web-based brokerage that caters to aggressive traders. Portfolio rebalancing, market scanners, probability lab, basket trader, and more features are available on this platform. Starting at $1, Zacks Trade offers low-cost trades.

A new account must be funded with a minimum of $2,500. In addition, you can earn $70 as an affiliate for each referral who opens a Zacks Trade account.

Commission: $70 for Account Creation

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

URL: Zacks Trade Affiliate Program

Acorns Affiliate Program

This session may be ideal if you have a group of novice investors in your audience. Acorns is a personal investing program that invests its users’ spare change for financial freedom. It works like this: a user registers and links their bank account. Then, when a user buys something, Acorns rounds up to the nearest dollar and invests the change in a diversified portfolio.

Acorn accounts are $1 per month for individuals and $5 per month for families. You can earn $80 as an associate if your referrals are successful. If you want to earn some cash, try Acorns affiliate program today!

Commission: $80 per Investment Account Lead

Cookie Duration: 30 Day

URL: Acorns Affiliate Program

Robinhood Affiliate Program

Robinhood is a popular online brokerage that sells stocks, mutual funds, options, gold, cash management, and cryptocurrency. They also offer commission-free stock trading and fractional shares.

This is a fantastic brokerage option for beginner investors because there are no account minimums and helpful investing tools. The Robinhood affiliate program is good but not as good as some of its competitors. Affiliates can earn $4 for signup and $16 for a financed account, with a seven-day cookie period.

If you want to earn some cash, try Robinhood affiliate program now!

Commission: $4 per Sign Up and $16 per Funded Account

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

URL: Robinhood Affiliate Program

RocketDollar Affiliate Program

Users of RocketDollar can set up self-directed retirement accounts. This means that customers can invest in whatever they choose as long as it complies with IRS regulations.

Self-directed IRAs and solo 401k accounts are currently available. Rocket Dollar offers two subscription plans: Core ($15 per month) and Gold ($30 per month). In addition, you’ll earn 12% of sales from your referrals as a RocketDollar affiliate.

Commission: 12% of Sales

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

URL : RocketDollar Affiliate Program

eToro Affiliate Program

Etoro is a popular social trading and investment platform that allows users to connect with other traders and invest in a variety of financial markets, including currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices.

One of the key features of the Etoro platform is the affiliate program, which allows users to sign up as affiliates and refer other investors to the site. The EToro affiliate program offers a number of benefits, including cash rewards for signups and commission on any trades made by referred users.

Users can invest in cryptocurrencies through eToro, a social trading platform. They provide new users with a free $100,000 trial account to practice their trading tactics.

eToro offers generous affiliate commissions, paying $120 for each new registration that adds money onto their account.

Try Etoro affiliate marketing today!

Commission: $120 for First Time Deposits

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

URL: eToro Affiliate Program

Titan Affiliate Program

Titan is a prominent financial firm that caters to a wide range of clients, not only millionaires. Their group is focused on long-term investments.

Titan affiliate program works like this: consumers open a new account (taxable or retirement) and deposit at least $100. The money is then invested and actively managed by 90-minuteTitan.

Titan pays affiliates $4 for each new referral that opens an account and $48 when the referrer finances it.

Commission: $4 per Account Creation, $48 per Account Funding

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

URL: Titan Affiliate Program

M1 Finance Affiliate Program

M1 Finance is an investing program that lets users create “pies,” which are charts with each piece representing a different company or fund, to personalize their investment plans. The percentages are used to determine the size of the pie pieces. When creating their pies, users can choose from over 6,000 different equities or ETFs.

Investors can choose from more than 80 skillfully prepared pies at M1 Finance affiliate program. Investors can set up automatic investments, rebalance their portfolios, and buy fractional shares. In addition, you can earn $80 for each eligible account as an affiliate. FlexOffers manages the M1 finance affiliate program, which has a 30-day cookie.

Commission: $80 per Qualified Funding

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

URL: M1 Finance Affiliate Program

MarketRiders Affiliate Program

MarketRiders is a software program that allows users to create and administer their own globally diversified retirement plans. This program supports all brokerage accounts. MarketRiders is built on Nobel Laureates’ investment strategies.

The annual cost of this software is $149.99, or $14.95 per month. They provide a 30-day free trial to users. As a MarketRiders associate, you’ll earn $20 for each person who signs up for a free trial.

Commission: $20 for Free Trial Sign Ups

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

URL: MarketRiders Affiliate Program

The Wall Street Journal Affiliate Program

The Wall Street Journal is a business-oriented publication published six days a week by Dow Jones. It is one of the most well-known publications on the planet. Barron’s is the Wall Street Journal’s sister journal that focuses on short and long-term investment prospects.

If one of your recommendations signs up for WSJ and Barrons, you can earn a $24 commission as an affiliate. FlexOffers manages the program, which has a 30-day cookie window.

Commission: $24 on Barron’s Purchase

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

URL: The Wall Street Journal Affiliate Program

PeerStreet Affiliate Program

PeerStreet is an online platform that allows individuals to invest in real estate loans.

This is how it works: a regular investor invests in a lender that funds real estate loans. The investor has the option of putting all of their money into one lender or spreading it out among numerous loans.

As the borrower begins to make payments, the investor will profit. This platform is unique because it allows investors to select investments depending on the area, lender, asset class, and other factors. To get started, investors need to put up $1,000. In addition, PeerStreet has a good affiliate program.

Commission: $30 for Account Creation, $100 for Funded Account

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

URL: PeerStreet Affiliate Program

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Top Investment Affiliate Programs to Grow Your Income





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