Top Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs

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October 26, 2023

Medical equipment has been a hot topic for medical professionals, medical students, and patients alike. With medical technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, medical equipment can now offer more benefits than ever before. The medical equipment industry is always changing to meet the needs of clinicians and patients – which is why it’s important that you’re informed about what programs are available to help you succeed in this field!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top medical affiliate programs for medical equipment so you can find out how they work and take advantage of them today.

Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs

medical equipment affiliate programs

Healthcare Unlocked

Healthcare Unlocked provides face masks, gloves, thermometers, and hand sanitizer – basically everything you’d need in the event of a global pandemic. They have a wide variety of shows available, ranging from 3-ply to KN95. Children’s masks, face shields, and ear savers are also available at Healthcare Unlocked. They’re based in Las Vegas, but they can ship anywhere in the world. Medical equipment affiliate programs will allow you to make money in addition to conventional medical equipment affiliate programs income by recruiting other affiliates — you’ll get 10% off anything your downline earns. So if you have an audience that conducts daycares, schools, or other group activities, referring them to this program can make you a lot of money.

Rose Medical

Rose Medical is a corporation that specializes in speech treatment and instruments. Their speech treatment software, icSpeech Standard Edition, has medical equipment affiliate programs. This package includes six of the most popular tools that can help users improve their voice by teaching them how to pronounce words correctly and adjusting pitch, volume, and timing. For personal users, the icSpeech package costs $119, which equals a $35.70 commission for each software download you sell.

MedSchool Insiders

MedSchool Insiders is a program for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. MCAT coaching, personal statement editing, interview preparation, residency matching, and more services are available through MedSchool Insiders. Each MedSchool Insider receives personalized counsel from the advisors, who are all doctors. Past participants have given this program a 99 percent satisfaction rating. They also provide classes to assist students with their interviews and a course in helping students plan a successful path to medical school. The prices of the items range from a few hundred dollars to $10,000. So, if you have a potential medical school student readership, their medical equipment affiliate programs will benefit both you and them.

Medical Supply Depot

Medical Supply Depot is a one-stop medical supply retailer. They sell necessary equipment such as lift chairs, bed attachments, bath safety items, and walking aids. They also have wound care, skincare, orthopedic care, and other things. Medical Supply Depot gives new users a 10% off coupon for signing up for their email, and most items are shipped within 1-3 days.

AvaCare Medical

AvaCare Medical is a medical supply firm with a diverse product line. They have anything from personal protective equipment to equipment for people with mobility impairments. Wheelchairs, incontinence care, restroom safety, and walking aids are just a few of the standout product categories. So if you have a senior audience in need of at-home care goods or an audience of at-home care professionals, this event is for you. AvaCare Medical also provides bulk purchasing, price matching, Veteran discounts, and seasonal savings.

4MD Medical

4MD Medical promises to have the most extensive online range of medical equipment. In addition, this is one of the fantastic medical equipment affiliate programs because they offer a long cookie duration and reasonable commission rates. When it comes to medical supplies, 4MD Medical has practically everything you might want. Defibrillators, stretchers, illumination, radiological equipment, respiratory equipment, and other items are just a few of the things they have.

4MD Medical also sells medical supplies, as well as lab and pharmacy products. 4MD Medical is an excellent firm for referring private-practice doctors, physical therapists, seniors who need in-home care, and in-home care providers because they have such a vast selection.

Colonial Medical

Colonial Medical is a website dedicated to health and medical products that caters to individual consumers and medical professionals. They feature a wide range of products, including “gifts,” “mom and baby,” and “patient safety,” among others.

If you’re looking for a website that caters to your specific demographic, this is the one to go to. They might have a category that corresponds to your target audience. Colonial Medical has a more effective commission rate than other sites with similar product offerings, so it’s worth looking into.

Functional Medicine University

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors can learn about functional medicine at Functional Medicine University. In addition, this training can be used as continuing education units in several states.

Practitioners who complete Functional Medicine University’s programs are prepared to meet private and governmental healthcare standards. In addition, students who already meet specific educational requirements can earn certifications. FMU will set you back $2,695. Regrettably, the affiliate program’s specifics are sketchy. However, if you have a group of chiropractors or other practitioners interested in Functional Medicine, this is a program worth looking into.

Omron Healthcare

Blood pressure monitors are Omron Healthcare‘s most well-known product. In addition, TENS units, mobile EKG monitors, pedometers, and wearable blood pressure monitors are also available.

Omron goods are excellent to promote to customers who have high blood pressure or are looking for the best mobile health monitors.

Performance Health

Performance Health produces health products for well-known brands such as Biofreeze, Theraband, Rolyan, and others. In addition, pediatric therapy supplies, clinical equipment, diagnostic tools, fall prevention, and other items are available.

You can tell people about Performance Health if they need supplies for their offices or if they require medical goods for personal reasons. Higher commissions for their medical equipment affiliate programs are available to VIP affiliates. Monthly affiliate promos are also available from Performance Health.


HDIS is one of the most popular stores for incontinence sufferers. Depend, Poise, Tena, and Always Discreet are among the most popular brands available. Regardless of the purchase size, each order is discretely wrapped and ships for a fixed $2.95 delivery price.

HDIS is the go-to online store for the best products sent swiftly and discreetly if you have an audience coping with incontinence or care for someone who does.


PersonaLabs is a corporation that specializes in telemedicine and personal labs. They allow users to request lab tests, email instructions for the tests to be performed, and view the results online.

Wellness examinations, men’s health blood tests, and women’s blood tests are among the lab tests they provide. Virtual doctor consultations are also accessible.


1800WheelChair is, as you might expect, a wheelchair and accessory retailer. Scooters, patient lifts, walkers, and household safety equipment are also available. All orders above $59 qualify for free shipping. This program is ideal for elders with mobility aids issues, as well as caregivers and doctors’ offices with the average order value.

US Medical Supplies

US Medical Supplies is a mobility assistance and medical supply store in Lexington, Kentucky. Bath lifts, wheelchairs, ramps, pool lifts, and walk-in baths are among the items sold by US Medical Supplies. For anyone who needs assistance determining what to buy, they feature a buyer’s guide section on their website as well as a customer support phone number. US Medical Supplies pays a 10% commission on transactions under $1,000 and a 12% percent on orders over $1,000, which is an excellent affiliate commission rate. In addition, they have a catalog of over 800 high-ticket items.

CPAP Supplies

CPAP supplies sell CPAP and BiPAP equipment, as well as CPAP masks and other essentials. They provide free shipping and an authorized medical supply, a 30-day mask warranty, and special monthly deals to their consumers. If you have a sleep apnea-affected audience, this program is a perfect fit.

Medical Scrubs Collection

Scrubs, lab coats, and footwear are all available for purchase at Medical Scrubs Collection. In addition, they have a well-organized website with dozens of brands and the ability to shop by brand or color. If you have a healthcare audience, Medical Scrubs Collection is a great event to put on.

MedLife /PharmEasy

MedLife (formerly PharmEasy) is an Indian online pharmacy that allows consumers to order medications, diagnostic lab tests, and healthcare goods. They offer a diverse range of healthcare products, from vitamins to blood glucose monitors and everything in between. Unfortunately, while this program has a lot of potential for good affiliates, it’s based in India. Thus it won’t be helpful to affiliates in the United States.


If you’re looking for medical equipment affiliate programs, you’re in luck since there are a lot of them to select from, and the majority of them have excellent affiliate terms. So whether you’re targeting medical professionals or people who require in-home healthcare, these programs can help.

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Top Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs





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